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I was told this morning that today is my last day with the firm because the whole damn place is shutting down.  Obviously not a total surprise, but man it still stinks, especially since I was counting on at least another week’s worth of cash.  Chances of me getting paid for the vacation time I was planning on using are now slim and with Christmas in five days, it’s all just peachy.

The good news is that I’ve had three solid interviews in the last two weeks and I have another phone interview scheduled for right after the new year.  All four places are waiting until basically the second week of January to do call backs so it’ll be a bit before I know anything, but I’m hopeful.  My resolution is to be working someplace full-time by the end of January – now I just need to make it happen!

Scott’s 30th birthday is tomorrow and we have a fun-filled weekend ahead of us, then Monday (after filing for unemployment, apparently) I will be leaving town to spend the week at my mom’s for Christmas.  There’s a lot to look forward to so I’m trying to stay positive but any good vibes that can be sent my way would also be much appreciated!

And since I’ll be out of town/it’s the holidays/I’m dealing with all this work crap, I’ll likely be taking a hiatus from the whole blogging thing for a bit.  Here’s hoping for a super wonderful and fantastic holiday and 2014, for all of us!

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Ode to the Job Search (to the tune of Let it Snow)

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Oh, the jobs outside are frightful

and not working would be so delightful,

but since I need to make some money

I wish someone would hire me, hire me, hire me!

Hopefully my interviews won’t show signs of stopping

though the chances of being hired this time of year are dropping,

and because I can’t live for free

someone really should hire me, hire me, hire me!

When I finally find the job that’s right

hopefully I won’t dread waking up each day,

oh how I will hug my paycheck tight

and hopefully they’ll let me stay!

My current job is slowly dying

and my tears are slowly drying,

but since my landlord won’t leave me be

someone better hire me, hire me, hire me!

My money will keep me warm!

My money will keep me warm!

I’ll try to quit my crying

and all of the interview vying,

but from an uncertain future I wish to be free

so please let someone hire me, hire me, hire me!

Hire me!  Hire me!  Hire me!

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