November Book Club Review

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Before I get started here, I have two disclaimers.  First – I didn’t read the book, which was Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan.  I didn’t even really try.  Well, I put it on reserve at the library but it didn’t come in on time and so I just kind of left it at that.  I haven’t seen much of Gaffigan’s stand up or anything so I can’t say I’m a huge fan to begin with.  The ladies in book club seemed to enjoy it but I think they were surprised at how much the book pertained to parenting.  Maybe we should’ve seen that coming, but oh well.  As none of us have kids of our own I think the girls found it somewhat difficult to relate but funny nonetheless.

Gotta love BYOB

Okay, second disclaimer – I was heavy into the wine on this book club night.  I met with a friend after work for some happy hour drinks and she’s going through some difficulties right now so we commiserated over a few glasses of wine before I met up with the club.  The restaurant we went to, 90 Miles Cuban Cafe, is BYOB and that was additional danger.  We all showed up with bottles of wine and it was the birthday of one of our members so we…really celebrated.  One of the members also brought her visiting little sister along (don’t worry, she was over 21 so not that little) and I think she had as much fun as we did.  At least I hope so.  Anyway I celebrated so much so that apparently I volunteered to host January’s meeting at my apartment.  Whoops!  We’re not meeting next month due to the holidays so I’ll have plenty of time to prepare and clean before having everyone over.  I think it’ll be a lot of fun because we’re playing some raunchy adults-only card game too.  Plus, I kind of like playing Betty Crocker.

Anyway, let’s just say my restaurant review might be more detailed had I not been enjoying the wine so much.  90 Miles is a Cuban place that has some really cool decor and a great vibe.  There wasn’t a plethora of meat-free options so I ordered two appetizers – the empanadas and the yuca fries.  Both were really good and I could’ve eaten a few more orders but managed to rein myself in.  This place isn’t super close to my apartment so I don’t know when I’ll get back but I would definitely like to.

Since I didn’t read the book this month I’ll probably take tomorrow to review a different book that I did read, so you can look forward to that!  See, even being an occasional wine lush doesn’t stop me from being literate.  It’s called being a modern-day woman.

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