Pain in the Neck

February 22, 2010 at 2:21 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I have a newfound respect for anyone who has ever dealt with neck and/or back pain.  I woke up on Friday morning and was pretty much unable to move.  I couldn’t turn it to the right for the life of me and even turning it to the left kind of hurt.  I winced in pain getting ready for work and at one point made a movement that literally stopped me in my tracks because it caused a shooting pain to resonate through my body.

It only got worse.  I managed to make it through the whole day at the office but it wasn’t easy.  I actually scared one coworker with my whole slowly-move-my-entire-chair-and-not-my-head routine.  The children in my office had great fun trying to get me to turn around without thinking about it.  Sweet little kids, huh?  Reaching for a pencil sharpener caused me to cry out in pain, as did many other little movements.  It wasn’t event the same movement every time, because then at least I would’ve known what not do to.  Instead, what felt fine one minute would cause extreme pain the next and vice versa.  It was like a twisted, evil guessing game from Hell.  I iced the area in question on and off all day and tried to lay on the floor of my office during my lunch break.  I couldn’t even manage that – I had to sort of roll on to my side and then lay on my stomach.  Thank goddess I have an office to myself, because I know I looked like some sort of dying seal.  Not that I cared, I was just trying to find a position that didn’t make things worse.  I couldn’t even really eat because the pain was so acute that it was making me sick to my stomach.  It was a fantastic way to go about a Friday.

How could my body turn so against me over the course of a single night?  Alas, I’ll probably never know.  I mean, I’ve woken up with a stiff neck before, and it usually goes away sometime throughout the morning.  I kept expecting Friday’s pain to alleviate itself in much the same way, but I was sorely disappointed.  Pun intended, because all I can do is laugh about this.  The sharp shooting pains racked my right side throughout the day and well into the evening.  I spent all Friday night on my couch, alternating a freezing bottle of Jager and a heating pad on the offending region.  Why Jager?  Well, it was the largest, coldest thing in my freezer and I knew it would stay icy for a long time.  I didn’t drink any though because I was still feeling sickish, and I wound up falling asleep on my couch very, very early.  So early I could just about qualify to be a grandparent.  I woke up Saturday and I was at least able to move, although not as much as I would normally.  Even today I’m still a bit sore and not quite my usual self.  It’s light years better than it was on Friday but I find it crazy that an incorrect sleeping position can still be causing pain three days later.  Is this what getting old is all about?  Awesome, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 60 years.

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