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Aaand my NCAA bracket is officially screwed.  The IU game last night was painful to watch but if I’m completely honest, I’ll admit that Syracuse played a stronger game.  Thus ends all sports watching in our household until the next basketball season rolls around!

In other news, I’m heading to Indiana this weekend for typical Easter shenanigans and visits with family and friends.  The weather is also finally warming up and I could see temperatures in the 60’s tomorrow!  This is a huge deal, considering the high was like 20 on Monday.  I also have next Monday off work since my bus gets in pretty late Sunday night and I am quite excited about that!


In other, other news, Jurassic Park will soon be re-released in 3D in honor of its 20th anniversary.  Before I continue, can I just say how freaking old that makes me feel?  Anyway, Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite movies and I’ve never seen it on the big screen.  I almost went to see it at the drive in when it came out but didn’t wind up going due to a storm (which, in hindsight, was probably for the best because I would’ve been crapping my pants even without real-life thunder and lightning).  In college, I had a roommate who had a projector and we hung a giant sheet on the wall and watched in in our living room, which was pretty awesome but not quite the same as a movie theater experience.  And now it’s coming out in 3D?  My dreams have come true.  I’ve already got a double date lined up to view the big event.

And that’s all she wrote.  Happy Weekend!

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Talk about a great time for the Hoosier Nation!

As many of you know, I’m not huge into sports and that’s fine by me.  That said, I am a born and raised Hoosier and watching Indiana University basketball is the one time that you can find me yelling, cursing, clapping and overall being a rabid basketball fan.  IU is having a hell of a season, which is awesome because they haven’t been this solid of a team in a very long time.  Read: before I went to IU (so like ages ago).  It’s been really fun watching them play but I don’t get to see as many games as I’d like because we don’t get ESPN or the Big Ten Network and I can’t exactly afford to go barhopping every time they play some hoops (note: I actually found a site last night that will let me stream ESPN so hopefully I’ll be set for next year!).  Anyway, yesterday IU played against Michigan and it was the biggest game so far this season.  And it was on CBS, so I could watch!  It was also played on Michigan’s court, which they hadn’t lost on all year long.  The entire game was a close one but the ending was intense.  With one minute left, IU was down by five and then Michigan missed three free throws.  Before anyone knew it, the teams were neck and neck with IU up by one when Michigan got the ball and drove it down the court.  They went for a shot, missed and then rebounded for what looked like an easy lay-up.  Then the ball did this:

Cue Michigan crapping their pants

After circling the rim and nearly giving everyone a heart attack, the ball tipped out and IU won the game by 1 point!  I honestly felt bad for Michigan because it was such a close call but hey, we won fair and square.  We also took the Big 10 title outright for the first time in 20 years, which is a pretty big deal.  Our team really needed this boost of confidence before heading into official March Madness and hopefully they can ride this high through the entire Sweet Sixteen.


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