To Improv or Not to Improv

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As I mentioned yesterday, I went to an improv comedy show Friday night.  It was at the iO Chicago Theater on Clark Street and it was my first time there.  Like many Chicago improv spots this one had a rather large bar next to the stage, which did not go unnoticed by yours truly.  The particular show that I managed to catch was a performance group of 5 or 6 men and the entire 2 hours was spoken in Shakespearean speak.

Sort of like this.

So lots of old school words were being tossed around and it was also heavily in rhyme, which you can imagine caused some interesting lines as these guys were thinking on their feet. The title and theme of the show is suggested by a random audience member and our night’s piece revolved around pancakes.  Yup, pancakes.  The characters these men quickly evolved into included, but are not limited to, a hunchback, a juggler, a strongman, a rather flamboyant King and his two daughters, the Fairy King, forest fawns, a trio from Malawi and two obnoxious drunks.  Since each man played multiple characters, they’d be talking to themselves and running around the stage like crazy in efforts to keep the story going.  And it was hilarious.

It had been a while since I’d seen a good comedy show and this one in particular appealed to my English Literature loving soul so it was a win-win.  I’ve passed by the iO Theater dozens if not hundreds of times during my time in Chicago and I honestly didn’t even realize it was there, though I’d heard of it randomly every now and then.  Numerous SNL and other comedy actors got there start at this place and others around Chicago and the experience of that night just reminded me I need to get out and enjoy some of the laughs this city has to offer.  And if it can be done while drinking cheap beer and watching fully grown men prance around a stage, even better!

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