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Welp, I’m an idiot.  For months, months, I’ve thought that Thanksgiving fell on November 21st this year.  Whether that’s because we have an extra weekend this month and it threw me off or it’s because I simply can’t read a calendar, there it is.  I requested the wrong dates off of work and it’s been in my head that this is the last full week I had to work before my super awesome family fun time vacation in Louisiana.  I scheduled volunteering and hanging out with friends around this, a fictitious date for a holiday.  Super crap.

I am a dumbass.

Once I realized my mistake today, I immediately emailed my boss to proclaim my stupidity and beg for the right days off instead.  That wasn’t a problem and this change actually makes work a little easier as I had a few big projects due the week I thought I’d be gone that I’ll now be around to take care of.  The major downside here is that I’ve been under the impression that after working this week plus one Monday, I’d be on vacation for another week.  Glorious visions of family time and warmer weather have been dancing through my head and I was analyzing next week’s weather in Louisiana just this morning.  All for naught.  Now I’m stuck with a stupid snow/rain mix here in Chicago and an extra week until I can get away from it all.  A week that I have to work, since my vacation starts in fifteen days instead of eight, as I previously assumed.  We all know what assuming does and I am a prime example.  I’m still not even sure how this happened – I stare at schedules and calendars all day long and given how much this took me by surprise,  you would think I was actively trying to be ignorant of the date of Thanksgiving.  It’s all a huge mistake but boy, I feel foolish.

At least I didn’t buy a plane ticket.

Stupid Monday.

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I am sunburned.  Badly.  In Chicago, in March.  What in the what?

Scott and I went to the park this weekend to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather and abundant sunshine but my dumb ass did not think to put on sunscreen.  Apparently the fact that my pasty white skin hasn’t seen the light of day in half a year doesn’t matter much to me and I completely neglected to take the appropriate measures.  I am now paying for it as little bits of skin fall off my body.

Since Google Image searches for sunburns is really scary, here is an illustration of what I felt like until I looked in a mirror

It’s completely my fault and I take full blame.  It was just so nice to sit on a blanket with my book that I fell asleep before I knew it.  I didn’t realize anything was wrong until we were walking home and stepped into the shade – that’s when I looked down and groaned.  You would think that at this age I’d be a little better prepared but noooo, not me.  I tempted the sun and the sun won.  In fact, it completely kicked my ass.  But what about my red-headed boyfriend, who is the fairest of the fair?  He didn’t use sunscreen either and looks perfectly fine, albeit a bit more bronzed.  The rays only had eyes for me, it would seem.

I’ll live and all but I do feel rather stupid.  I guess it’s good to get it out of the way now and not when I’m on vacation in May, right?  Maybe.  I still feel like an idiot and am red in the face (in more ways than one).  So I’ll sit here and simmer while applying yet another round of Aloe.

Welcome to Spring!


And PS – GO IU!!!

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