Checked Out

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I start vacation tomorrow!


And I’m jazzed!

Scott and I are flying to Louisiana to see my southern fried family and we couldn’t be more ready. He’s been busting his butt in summer classes for the last eight weeks and I’ve been busting my own butt at work and wedding planning and in life in general so we could use a bit of a break. We’re going to spend some quality time with my grandparents, dad and some cousins and help to celebrate my dad’s birthday later this week. Then we’re going to New Orleans ourselves for a couple of nights because we haven’t had a trip just the two of us in forever and damnit, we deserve it! We’re going to take trolleys, visit museums, eat beignets and let the good times roll!

Even if it is 117 degrees.

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Yes. It’s Hot.

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Not to jump on the bandwagon but I’m totally going to jump on the bandwagon.  Chicago is among the countless other cities breaking records this week with heat that’s oppressively, searingly bad.  I’m thankful I work in an office and not the unconditioned third floor of some random building (coughmypoorboyfriendcough) and I KNOW how lucky I am to have central AC at home, but when it’s 90 degrees at 10:30pm and you feel like you’re swimming in the humidity as you walk along the sidewalks, it’s just too damn hot.  It doesn’t help that the little bit of rain we’ve had only steams everything up even more before all too quickly disappearing into thin air.

So. Hot.

I’ve tried thinking cold thoughts but ice cubes melt and polar bears are dying so that gets sort of depressing.  I’ve heard some fellow commuters longing for a good Chicagao-style blizzard and I have to say that actually sounds good right about now.  Not that we had one last winter for me to compare it to or anything but I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from.  This heat sucks and I’m about over feeling like I have to shave my legs more than once a week.  And yes, I know it’s summer and we should expect this but come on.  We had maybe 5 days all summer last year that got into the 90’s and we’ve been in the 100’s all week.  And it’s nowhere near August yet.

It’s supposed to break later this weekend and we’ll all be welcoming the 80’s with open arms.  In the meantime, I’m going to drink as much water and cold beer as I can before my bladder explodes and then try to avoid standing in direct sunlight (or hell, even moonlight).  I hope you and yours are able to find some relief and don’t forget to check on elderly neighbors, family members and pets (of all ages).  Also, try not to think about your next AC bill because that’ll do nothing but cause you to break out in another unwanted sweat.

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I’ve been able to talk to my dad and he’s feeling better – we’re all still waiting on test results but since there’s not much that can be done until we know what we’re dealing with, I’m trying not to stress.  And since the daily grind doesn’t grind to a stop just because a loved one is sick, I’m still going about my normal routine.  Which of course means waking up early and catching the train to work.


So there I sat, enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet before starting another work day.  I had my eyes closed and was in that nice spot somewhere between dozing and being fully alert.  I was also enjoying some random thoughts and one of them had to do with public transportation (shocker).  I can’t quite remember if I blogged about how the train jammed a few weeks ago and caused a nightmare of a commute for thousands of Chicagoans but if I didn’t, I meant to.  No one was hurt and I managed to miss the headache by about an hour but it was strange because that same morning, as I was on that train line, I had wondered to myself how many times I had to ride it before being involved in an incident.  Statistically speaking, of course, not because I’m into that sort of thing.  It was a little weird when I heard the news later that day but I was just thankful I wasn’t involved.

Back to today.  One of my random thoughts pertained to coffee drinkers on the trains, as there are usually more than a few.  I’ve never seen anyone spill anything on anyone else and considering how jerky the rides can be, that’s somewhat surprising.  Roughly 3 minutes after that thought morphed into another, I felt something warm on my leg.  After quickly determining I hadn’t just wet my pants, I opened my eyes and saw some dude in a suit staring at me with real fear in his eyes as he apologized.  My reaction time was delayed as I was still in that semi-conscious state but I do believe I looked at the stain spreading on my knee in utter disbelief.  Before I could say anything to him, he ran off the train.

Luckily for me (and him), we’d been on the train about 20 minutes and the coffee wasn’t really all that hot.  Still – some stranger spilled coffee on me!  Not a great way to start the day.  It didn’t end up staining my pants but it did forever tarnish my perception of humanity in general.  Alright, maybe my reaction wasn’t exactly that strong but I cannot say I was pleased.  I’m also now scared of thinking random things on the train because they seem to come true.  Tomorrow I shall test this theory and wonder how often people find hundred dollar bills on the floor of train cars, but somehow I don’t think that will produce the outcome I want.  Although finding some money would allow me to buy a handy poncho for my daily commute.

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Friday Round-Up

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Because news can be fun!

See how cool some of this stuff is?

This was a big week in Archaeology – a Mayan King’s Tomb was found in Guatemala (and thanks to my Mom for telling me about it!) and a monument similar to Stonehenge was found about a half-mile from the original site.  The Mayan King’s tomb had all kinds of ancient relics as well as the bones from six or so children, who may or may not have been sacrificed.  The similar to Stonehenge find is made of wood and was likely used during many of the ceremonies that the larger site was known for.  To find something like that after all of these years of studying the area really goes to show how much is still out there for us to discover and explore.  Man it’s cool.  It’s also doubly interesting because I’m currently reading a novel about a guy who was digging up tombs back around the time Howard Carter found King Tut.

My worst nightmare

In completely unrelated news, a Utah woman is pregnant with two children who are not twins.  Yes, you read that right.  She has a condition called didelphys which affects something like one in 5,000 women and she was born with two uteruses.  I have no idea if that means she has double the periods but she did manage to beat the 1 in 5 million chance to get knocked up in both uteruses at roughly the same time.  Only about 100 cases like this have ever been documented but so far everything seems to be going well for her and her babies.  Except for the fact that she’s pregnant with kids she’s going to have about a week apart.  Can you imagine trying to explain how you’re not twins with your sibling even though you were born in the same month?  Can you imagine this happening at all?  And the woman already has two kids at home!  I shudder at the thought.

Speaking of things to make you shudder, some marketing genius decided to start selling beer out of taxidermy.  The End

Or maybe this is my worst nightmare

of History, made by BrewDog of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, is 55% and $765.00  a bottle.  The bottles are made from what appears to be roadkill.  BrewDog claims to be the most expensive and strongest beer there is but it also seems like the most challenging to try to get close to your face.  Double shudder.

In slightly less disgusting news, an Amish teenager was arrested (his mugshot is pretty great) this week for leading police on a horse and buggy chase after slowly running a stop sign.  Apparently the kid soon lost control of his buggy and overturned it into a ditch.  He then left the buggy and his horse and tried to flee on foot.  He didn’t make it far before being caught.  And shocker of all shockers, there was alcohol found in the buggy.  I wonder if the penalties for drinking and driving a buggy are much different from if you were drinking and driving in a car?  Perhaps I’ll wait until he bonds out of jail and then ask.

Other randomness – the humidity is over 100 degrees in many areas all weekend long, so be sure to stay hydrated.  Beer does not earn you hydration points.  I’ve had Rocket Man stuck in my head since I woke up today.  I’m getting a real big girl dresser today from a friend who’s moving out of town – my current dresser is some fabric piece of crap I got from Bed Bath & Beyond years ago and it’s time for the curb is near.  I also got a new downstairs neighbor whom I’ve yet to meet (sorry Mom but I doubt I’ll be baking her cookies).  Last but not least – Happy Weekend!

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