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I tried out a new eatery this week and figured I would share.  This place is called Sultan’s Market and is located in Wicker Park, conveniently off the Blue Line.

This is a cozy little dining establishment sells many pantry items and household products (because I’m sure you couldn’t read that on the sign).  They also have a food bar where the guys behind the counter dish out all sorts of falafel, hummus, baba gahnooj, tabbouli, salad and rice.  There are also many meat items, such as lamb and chicken, but I declined to try any of that.  I chose the falafel dinner for my meal and was served a huge portion of food that provided enough to fill two massive pitas.  I did not take a picture (though if I’m going to be blogging about food, I suppose I should) but it looked something like this here.

There was so much food I had a lot left over, and the entire meal was a whopping $6.  There were also various sandwiches to choose from, which were under $4 a pop.  Gotta love a cheap eat.

The atmosphere was also decent, even though things were a bit crowded, what with a buffet in the center of the place and people lined up waiting to get to the counter.  They had hookahs, though I never figured out if they were just for sale or if you could indulge in them somewhere on the property.  Sultan’s Market is another BYOB restaurant, which I didn’t realize when I walked in.  Also, they only accept cash, which I also did not realize.  Luckily the guy I was with didn’t mind footing the bill, but it’s an important lesson that I’ll remember next time around.

All in all, it was an enjoyable meal and I’m sure I’ll go back, as I have quite a bit of love for falafel.  Never had it?  You should change that, immediately.

So now that I’ve finished another restaurant review, I have to wonder (cue Carrie Bradshaw voiceover here) – do you, my loyal readers, enjoy these reviews?  I know some of you don’t live in the Chicago area and so I’m not sure if it’s interesting for you to read about a new place or you would just rather skip that altogether.  Speaking of getting a little imput from my readers, I’d like to hear more in general from all of you out there.  Perhaps I’ll try to incorporate questions at the end of posts to promote feedback.  That being said, what do you all think about restaurant reviews?  Are they just okay, or would you like to see more or less of them?  Not have an opinon either way?  That’s fine too, though if you do have an opinion I would love to hear it!

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