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Apologies all around for the lack of a post on Friday – dropping Catsby off for boarding entailed a little more than I thought it would and I pretty much ran out of time for anything extracurricular.  I was on the Megabus by 6pm and pretty thrilled about leaving on time – then we hit I-65, which was down to one lane due to construction.  Why?  Who knows, but it probably involved moving a road divider two inches to the left.  Our driver thought it would be a good idea to get off in Gary and use residential streets until we passed the traffic.  This basically resulted in us driving around for an hour and a half while going perhaps all of 30 miles in the right direction.  Add to that a screaming child right behind me and the truly awful elevator music they were playing over the PA and you get a dissatisfied me arriving in Indy 2 hours later than scheduled.  At least we made it.

My late arrival did not put a dent in my plans, as two of my besties and I stayed up til 4 drinking, eating pizza and dancing.  The entire weekend took place in a similar fashion.  I was able to have brunch on Saturday with 5 old friends, then visited with a couple others before getting ready for the wedding that I came in town to attend.  The bride looked absolutely gorgeous and my eyes couldn’t help but well up as she walked down the aisle.  They had a harpist playing the music (I thought this was a very nice touch) and one of the bridesmaids did a reading before I read a poem that the couple had requested.  The ceremony was beautiful, tasteful and elegant.  There was a cocktail hour between the reading of the vows and the actual reception and they served these fried artichoke and cheese balls that were incredible – seriously, I was quickly on a first name basis with the server who had them.  The actual dinner was very good as well and we took advantage of the open bar that is so gloriously associated with weddings (I wound up on a first name basis with the bartender too but that’s a different story).  There was also a photo booth that would take six pictures at a time – half of them were immediately put into a scrapbook for the couple and the other half you got to keep.  I thought that was a pretty cute idea and it’s one that I will likely steal if I ever do the whole marriage thing.  Their wedding went as one should go and I’m still thrilled that these two souls have found companionship with one another.  I know they’re doing the right thing and that’s not always something I’m able to say when I watch two people get hitched.

After the wedding came more visiting with friends and that went on well into the night.  Sunday was full of lunch with my mama, more friend time and pizza for dinner.  I’m incredibly lucky in that I got to visit with pretty much everyone I wanted to this weekend (all 10-15 of ’em).  The entire three days pretty much just consisted of eating, drinking and chatting, which was everything and more than I could’ve hoped for.  Bloomington is a pretty city any time of the year but it’s especially gorgeous in the fall, so I’m thankful I was able to enjoy that scenery as well.  It was also Homecoming Weekend this weekend, which I was not aware of until about three days before my trip.  It didn’t affect my weekend much though and other than listening to people bitch a little more than usual about our football team, I hardly would’ve known.  I was still able to hit all of my favorite restaurants and breweries so I’ve got nothing to complain about!

Seriously, it was a great weekend and I’m thrilled with how everything went.  If you were one of the many friends I had the privileged of seeing, thanks for coming out and visiting.  If you let me sleep on your couch or air mattress, gave me a ride at any point or just generally put up with my sassiness, thanks for that.  If you drove 1.5 hours to have a meal with me (I’m looking at you, Mom), I appreciate that as well.  I’m lucky to have all of you in my life and if you want to come to Chicago I’ll do my best to return the favor.  Just don’t all come at once.

**Disclaimer: I wanted to add a few more photos but either WordPress is acting up or the computer gods and goddesses don’t want me to include a scenic photo of downtown Bloomington.  If this issue fixes itself I shall add another picture or two but otherwise I will shake my fist in frustration at the internet and then try to move on.

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