Life Finds a Way

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So yes, I’m getting married soon. And between that, my grandpa passing away, volunteer commitments and work stuff I’ve been spread pretty thin. But that didn’t stop me from having a great time with a bunch of friends a week ago when we had my bachelorette party!


Yes, it was Halloween/Jeff Goldblum-themed. We’re that awesome.

My girlfriends from college came in town to meet up with my Chicago ladies and we enjoyed the stereotypical bachelorette party full of penis cupcakes, games involving inflatable genitalia, drag shows and pole dancing (because we have to get exercise somehow). I know how lucky I am in that I have enough silly, crazy friends to help me celebrate my upcoming wedding with as much ridiculousness and hilarity as possible!

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Potter’s Party

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After four years of begging, Scott finally agreed to dress as Ron to my Hermione for Halloween this year. I had to watch two months’ worth of horror movies in order to seal this deal but it was worth it, especially considering how our natural hair color made this costume super easy and all the more legit. We weren’t really sure what we were going to do for the big night since the party I had been planning on attending  didn’t wind up taking place but luckily the stars aligned the week before the holiday. We had a friend of mine over for dinner and she told us about how she was invited to a Harry Potter-themed party but she didn’t really know anyone other than the host and didn’t want to go alone. The party also happened to be a ten minute walk from our apartment and since our costumes were so spookily in-tune with the theme, how could we not go? It was magic!

  The party was magic, too. There were two apartments in the building hosting it and one was completely set up for Quidditch Beer Pong while the other had snacks, treats and all sorts of drinks that were entirely Harry Potter related. There was actual butterbeer in bottles appropriately labeled, snitch-shaped truffles and an entire bar dedicated to potions, brews and other mysterious beverages. Professor Slughorn served the booze and had a cooler full of dry ice at his side to ensure all drinks had an appropriate amount of smoke streaming from them. Seriously – this set up was legit and made me wish I knew how to throw such a spectacular shin-dig.

Our costumes were also a hit, especially among the children we passed en route to the party. Also, in a super-random turn of events, the host that our friend knew actually used to play softball with my sister when we were kids – she grew up in the town next door to mine and now lives down the street from me in Chicago. It really is a small world, even when you try to introduce the wizarding world to the mix!

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Halloween Happenings

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So I’ve kind of been slacking on this whole blog thing. I hope the four or five of you out there who actually read this regularly can forgive me.

Okay, so my Halloween wasn’t nearly as wild and crazy as last year’s (which involved a Hocus Pocus drag show in Boystown and staying out until like 2am on a work night) but it was still pretty fun. My sister and mom came in town for the weekend and they arrived around 9pm on Halloween night. It was a good thing we didn’t really have anything planned because MAN the weather sucked so staying in and hanging out was about the best thing we could do. I had homemade chili and cornbread ready and waiting for them when they arrived and we watched the actual Hocus Pocus when we finished eating. My mom has been living under a rock since 1993 and had somehow never seen it before but we remedied that. I should also mention that my mom is the type of woman who would’ve also appreciated the Hocus Pocus drag show so maybe we can arrange something like that for another time.

On Saturday we had a delicious brunch then I had the bright idea of driving us all to The Field Museum. What my brainiac self didn’t realize was that there was a HUGELY important and weirdly popular rugby game between the New Zealand All Blacks and the US Rugby team and it was taking place next door to the museum, at Soldier Field. I should’ve realized this because I had actually been planning on attending the damn game with some other people from the Field but I totally spaced everything with the arrival of my family. However, I was rudely reminded while we sat in stupid amounts of traffic and dealt with a museum entrance that was entirely closed off. I managed to find us a way in anyway and we got to check out the exhibit we came for but I swear on King Tut’s tomb that if I ever get myself caught in that kind of traffic nightmare again I’m going to just drive into Lake Michigan.

ANYWAY. My sister made us a delicious meal on Saturday night and we watched a few movies while drinking New Orleans style Hurricanes, courtesy of a package of mix we gave Mom for Christmas last year. On Sunday, we had brunch at a different spot (this one featured an all-you-can-drink Bloody Mary bar and the gods know that was nice), then we visited with a few of my friends before doing a bunch of shopping all through the neighborhood. We grabbed dinner later and watched that crazy dude who tightrope walked over the Chicago River, then basically sat around my living room and just enjoyed each other’s company. Also, I should mention my sister was the first one to fall asleep every night – my mom can still drink us both under the table!

I would totally pay my sister to be my live-in chef but she doesn't accept bubble gum wrappers and IOU's as payment.

I would totally pay my sister to be my live-in chef but she doesn’t accept bubble gum wrappers and IOU’s as payment.

The whole weekend was a lot of fun and it went way too fast. It’s always hard for me when my family leaves because I seriously do enjoy spending time with them and it hurts that I don’t get to do so more often. At least it’s only a 5.5 hour drive, right? Right?! And I’ll be for sure seeing them again at Christmas, so that’s something.

Something else I know for sure? I’ll be checking the live traffic patterns before I ever drive to the museum again.

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So Good It’s Scary

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Scott and I went to a Halloween Party on Saturday night (dressed as Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing, thank you very much) and the hostess was so incredible it was almost spooky. Not only did she have great decorations which included tubs of blood hidden in the bathroom and amazing Medusa costume complete with weird colored contacts that made me uncomfortable, but she had quite the spread laid out for our enjoyment.

Mmm meaty

A vegetarian horror show.  I loved it!

So the big meaty thing that looks like a cannibal’s dream come true was full of various sausages, hot dogs and other types of meat that I can’t be bothered to remember. It was definitely creepy looking but that didn’t stop people from digging right on in. Everything on the table had little notecards with the title of the snack (i.e. “Pumpkin Puke” for the pumpkin with guacamole coming out of its mouth) and she even had a ‘V’ on the cards for those items that were vegetarian (obviously not the guy in the picture).  The entire table was super creative, amazingly tasty and rather impressive given there were only maybe 15 people at the party. We definitely put a dent in everything though and the night could’ve only been better if she had sent us home with doggie-bags! With no actual doggie parts, of course.

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I Put a Spell on You!

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And now you’re mine!

So, going out last night was actually a lot of fun.  We may have not had the best costumes (I settled for hockey player and Scott just wore a Walking Dead t-shirt) but no one really cared about get-ups.  There were people everywhere and just standing on the street and watching was pretty entertaining.  Boystown is a fun place any night of the year but particularly more so on Halloween, so I’m glad we made the trip.  I met up with some old college friends and new Chicago buddies and we danced around for hours while enjoying $1 well drinks.



The Hocus Pocus drag show was everything I hoped it would be and I sang along to my heart’s content.  The “I Put a Spell on You” song is perhaps the song that Hocus Pocus is best known for and they totally rocked it (as seen by the picture – and yes, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character is black.  This is a progressive club, ya’ll).  The drag queen playing Kathy Najimy’s character even sang a rendition of “Oh Maria” from Sister Act that brought down the house.  It was pretty clever to mash one actress across two movies and apparently I remembered almost every word to that song because I found myself singing along there as well!  I think Scott was impressed with my singing and dancing abilities because he’s never really seen them before, since club-hopping isn’t something we usually do.  And if he wasn’t impressed – well, he should have been.

We stayed at the club until 1am or so, then I stopped with Scott so he could get some late night Thai on our walk home from the train.  It was probably 2 or later before I got to bed (I don’t know for sure because I refused to look at the clock at that point) and I gotta admit, that’s the absolute latest I’ve stayed up on a work night in years.  But it was SO worth it.  We all had a blast and even though I’m paying for it with yawns and a semi-queasy stomach today, I’m really glad we went.  I’m also glad Halloween only comes once a year!

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Happy Halloween!

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Ah, the scariest day of the year.  I’ve been dealing with a scary week at work so I feel like nothing can phase me and to be honest, I wasn’t really planning on going out tonight.  However, a couple of friends will be trekking around Boystown and have convinced me to join them so it looks like I need to come up with a quick and easy costume, stat.  Alas, Scott won’t dress up like Ron from Harry Potter to match my Hermione so I’m forced to come up with something else.  Here are my ideas:

  • Blackhawks player – I have a jersey and black tights.  Done.
  • A witch – I have a long, grey wig.  And a broom.
  • Leftovers – I have tin foil I can wrap around my stomach.
  • A construction worker – I can borrow Scott’s tool belt and hard hat.  For some reason he wasn’t too keen on the idea of dressing up in that and walking around the gayest neighborhood in the city himself.
  • A quarter back – I can tape a quarter to my back.
  • A quarter pounder – I can carry a quarter in one hand and a hammer in the other.
  • Pregnant – I have pillows!
  • CD Burner – I can tape an old CD to my shirt and carry a lighter.

Be safe tonight! Don’t let the boogeyman get you!

Surely with these ingenious and super lazy ideas I can come up with something!  And if I want to be truly terrifying, I can just carry around a copy of my last student loan statement.

Have a Happy Halloween!


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Fright Fest

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I don’t know if it’s the time of year or just a coincidence but it seems like all I’ve been watching lately are lots of shows/movies that make me want to wet myself.  I’ve been into The Walking Dead recently, which is a cable show about a zombie apocalypse, and it’s so scary that I couldn’t watch the episode I taped at my mom’s house last weekend because I was alone and her house was just plain too dark and creepy.  It doesn’t help that she lives near some woods and has huge windows with no curtains in the living room.  I had to wait til I was back in Chicago and holding Scott’s hand before I could get caught up.

Zombies and guns and biting, oh my!

On Friday, we watched the original Halloween, which I can’t deny was related to the upcoming holiday.  I hadn’t seen it in…well, recent memory and I was surprised at just how jumpy it made me.  The scene where Michael Myers appears in a bedroom wearing a sheet and the glasses of the guy he just murdered was especially freaky and made my eyes close so tight that I saw stars when I opened them.

On Saturday we continued our Scare-Paige-Shitless streak and began a new series that comes heavily recommended by some friends – American Horror Story.  They let us borrow the entire first season and each episode is an hour long, so of course we stayed up all night to get through the first three.  This show has an entirely different plot line and cast each season and the first one revolves around a home where terrible murders took place, and the new family who just moved in.  There are the obligatory scary scenes involving children, ghosts and kitchen cabinets that open on their own and there’s also sex, violence, blood, gore and just plain physiological creepiness.  After all that on Saturday, we watched the newest episode of The Walking Dead last night and then I had to watch a few episodes of children’s shows to clear my mind before I went to sleep.

At least I’m in the Halloween spirit!  What’s your favorite Halloween movie?  And yes, Hocus Pocus counts because I watched it last week and will likely watch it this week as well.

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Full of Fall

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Happy Fall!  This is officially my favorite time of the year and my weekend was spent delving into all that this season has to offer.

An apple a day…

Friday night Scott and I kicked everything off by watching Night of the Living Dead…which was as hilarious as it was spooky.  I know we’ll be watching our fair share of scary movies in the weeks to come so this old school black and white classic was a good way to begin.  On Saturday, we went to an Apple Festival in a nearby neighborhood and enjoyed some cider while watching live music, checking out booths and stopping in local stores.  The festival featured apple pizza (I didn’t try it but it did look pretty good), apple beer, apple cider and of course…apples.  Rain had threatened the entire weekend but the weather was actually perfect – crisp, cool and sunny, which allowed me to bust out a light scarf and some old boots.  I’m not huge into fashion but one of the reasons I love living in a climate with seasons is that it gives me the opportunity to change my wardrobe and accessories from to time.

Which is one of the reasons I headed to Target after the Apple Fest.  I walked to work on Friday morning with a light sweater and flip-flops, which I’m sad to say is no longer appropriate clothing for this time of the year.  I was in the market for a new light coat and of course Target never disappoints, so I’m now not so frozen on my morning commute.  The other reason I wanted to swing by the store was to load up on some Halloween decorations…I realize it might be a bit early and all but Scott and I both are fans of decorating and we needed more spider webs and lights to create the mood we were going for.  After pulling out all of our decorations from last year and utilizing a few extension cords and a box of tacks, our apartment became spookified once again.  We even decorated our back balcony and the dinner guests we had over last night seemed more impressed with our Halloween spirit than weirded out by how early we were decorating, so clearly we associate with the right kinds of people.

Sidenote:  Saturday night was also the long-awaited performance of my celebrity crush on SNL and I just want to put it out there that he parodied the stripper film Magic Mike in the opening sequence…meaning he did a strip show of his own.  Pretty much the best SNL ever.  That is all.


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Happy Halloween!

October 28, 2011 at 2:03 pm (Uncategorized) (, )


Have a safe and scary holiday everyone – and try to stay away from those scary TV’s!

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Halloween Happenings

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I meant to post on Friday but I had an interview which lasted longer than expected and then I hopped a bus out of town.  Why did I leave Chicago during one of the biggest going out weekends of the year?  I just answered my own question.  I don’t have the funds to go gallivanting around the city and I had absolutely no desire to squeeze into a sexy version of some outfit that would likely make my ongoing ear infections worse than they already are.  Maybe I’m getting old, but getting wasted on expensive orange and black drinks, hopping from bar to bar while wearing a skirt that barely covers my ass in 30 degree weather is no longer my idea of a good time.  So what did I do for Halloween?  I went to a party with my mom and watched a bunch of drunk middle-aged people dance and drink some more.  And I had a blast.

A friend wanted me to borrow her old costume, which looked like this. Was. Not. Happening.

In honor of this Halloween and Halloween’s past, I decided to do a brief rundown of some of my favorite costumes over the years.  When I was in elementary school, we would have an annual parade where awards were given out.  Not to toot my own horn, but I won for Most Original every year, K-6 (okay, toot toot).  The first costume I actually remember wearing involved a clown costume with huge ears.  Apparently it was cute, because the local news decided to interview me to see what I was going to do with all the candy I had.  Obviously, I told them I would eat it and then eat last year’s candy too.  I was a smart kid and that video is probably floating around my mom’s house someplace.

The next costume I remember making involved a big sack and a bunch of trash.  That’s right, I was a recycling bin LONG before

Her costume may be cuter but mine still won me the prize

recycling was cool.  My parents helped me staple various recyclables all over a large bag, which I then wore.  I completed the outfit with a cut up milk jug on my head, and I took home the prize.

After that, I began to incorporate boxes into my costumes.  I was a dining room table one year, complete with place mats and utensils.  I was a television set another year and had a scary monster glued “on screen”.  One of my favorites was when I dressed as a fireplace mantle.  I had flames painted in the center of the box and long pieces of cardboard going off my shoulders that I hung stockings from.  These were really works of art and I wish I had thought to find some of the old photos when I was home last weekend.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  While the costumes were (in my humble opinion) brilliantly designed, they did prove to be a bit cumbersome when it came time to walk around and trick or treat.  I always seemed to manage though and came home rolling in sugary candy goodness.

After elementary school, I slowly became too cool to dress for Halloween.  My freshman year in high school, a friend of mine and I dressed a male friend of ours in one of our dresses and put some make up on him.  He had long hair at the time and I’ll be damned if he didn’t look better in that little black dress than either of us girls ever did.  We walked him around door to door and gathered a bunch of candy, along with some sarcastic remarks.  Apparently 14 is the cut off for trick or treating, so we quit after that.  I spent a year or two handing out candy and then I was old enough to attend Halloween parties of my own.  It was somewhere around that time that it became standard for women to dress like a more-nude version of actual costumes for the holiday.  I remember dressing as a Naughty Nurse and going to my one and only frat party my freshman year of college…and I also remember faking a headache so I could leave and go do something a bit more fun.  Like have a root canal.

In more recent years, I’ve usually dressed as a hippie.  I have a tie-dyed shirt and a bunch of scarves so it’s a pretty easy look to pull off.  Last Halloween I had just been brutally dumped (but I’m so much better off  – what a difference a year makes!) and I showed up at a party with a white t-shirt and an eye patch, which was about as much effort as I could put into a costume at that time.  This year I didn’t have a costume at all but I did watch a grown woman dressed like Snooki from Jersey Shore drunkenly dance around a bonfire.  That was all the scare I needed.

Whatever you did to celebrate this pagan holiday, I hope it was fun.  If you’re a lady and dressed like a tramp, that’s fine too…after all, sometimes the tricks get all of the treats!

OH and PS – that doucebag school board official I was talking about in my most recent post?  He resigned!  Hopefully his hateful words won’t hurt any more students.  Thanks again to Mr. Anderson Cooper for calling that rat bastard out!

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