Sweet Treat

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I have great friends.  For example: a close friend of mine who lives out near San Diego.  We met a few years ago and bonded while we trekked around the city to various bar events, the Taste of Chicago, streetfests and so much more.  She was working towards her Master’s degree and I was so proud of her when she finished once and for all.  She moved back home to Georgia for a bit while she job searched around the country for something in her chosen profession and it was not easy.  But she was really determined, stuck with it and eventually landed a great job in California.  I’m in awe of her ability to see her dream all the way through and I think she’s just all around amazing.  She’s also the super talented friend who has done portraits of Catsby and Scott’s beloved dog Daisy, and those paintings will always have a special place in my heart.  In short, this girl rocks.  Tremendously.

Case in point – look what she got for me yesterday:

Sinfully delicious!

Sinfully delicious!

She started g chatting with me yesterday afternoon and told me she had pre-ordered a cupcake for me at this fancy pants Cupcake Bakery not far from my office – and she did this from across the country!  She knew I’d had an unusually awful week last week and this was her way of helping out.  And help out it did!  That tasty treat put a huge smile on my face.  But it wasn’t just the cupcake that did it – knowing that she was thinking of me and cared enough to orchestrate such a plan really meant a lot.  Cupcakes come and go (quickly, around me…), but great friends are forever!

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Caro Mio!

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On Saturday evening, I was lucky enough to dine with two great friends of mine who recently moved far, far away from Chicagoland.  Actually, I suppose 5 hours isn’t that far but to me, it feels like light years.  They were in town for the evening so the bf and I met up with them and some of their other friends at a lovely little place in my neighborhood, Caro Mio.

Not my pasta but it looked pretty similar

The restaurant itself is rather small so it’s a good thing we had reservations.  The atmosphere was dimly lit and there were original paintings available for purchase hanging on the walls.  It was a little noisy since it was so crowded but we managed.  The place is also BYOB which I guess is one reason service seemed a little slower than usual – there were no drinks to refill as our wine and water were already on the table.  We ordered garlic bread and bruschetta for appetizers in addition to the house bread and oil they provided us with, which was good because it seemed to take forever for the server to take our dinner orders.  This may have been because I was extremely hungry and therefore impatient when we arrived but the appetizers held me over until our meal was served.  The food was all hand-made in the back so that added to the wait time but it was definitely worth it.  I ordered one of the specials for the night, a stuffed gnocchi full of ricotta cheese and pesto, covered in creamy tomato sauce.  It was so good it should have been outlawed.  Seriously, it was a massive serving of pasta and I completely cleaned my plate.  I tried to savor every bite but some of the pieces were just shoveled in gracelessly anyway and I couldn’t have been any happier or less embarrassed.

One of the best parts about this place is that it was but a 13 minute walk from home, so I was able to pretend like I was burning off some of the meal by the time I rolled back onto my couch.  I thoroughly enjoyed this entire dining experience (though I think the great company also contributed to this fantastic night) and I’ve already picked the dish I’m going to order when I go back!

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A Friend Indeed

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I had an old college friend over for dinner last night, and we made some more delicious homemade pita pizzas.  Some key ingredients were goat cheese and mozzarella, banana peppers, sautéed mushrooms and of course various spices.  I would’ve taken a photo or two but we were ravenous and ate everything in sight before the idea of a camera even popped into my mind.

I might have an addiction to pizza.  And Cheese-Its, but that’s a different story…

Anyway, as I mentioned, the friend I hung out with last night is a friend from college.  We’ve known each other for years and she’s one of my favorite collegiate transplants now living in Chicago.  This girl is awesome, and I love her to death (I think she also reads this here blog sometimes, so I hope I’m not making her blush too much).  I know I’ve had posts before where I’ve ranted and raved about how all of my friends are getting married, and she’s no exception.  However, she’s someone I don’t mind hearing wedding details from, mostly because I think her and her fiance are so perfect for each other.  It’s cute as hell, and I accept that.  She is the absolute furthest thing from a Bridezilla that I could ever imagine, and her relaxed and laid back approach to her pending nuptials make me realize that not everyone loses their minds as The Big Day approaches.  Hers is a wedding I am very excited about attending, even more so because I don’t have to travel far or take time off of work to get there.  So for her, I’ll put away my cynical ideas of romance and give the biggest Congratulations I possibly can!

Even if I didn’t want to do this out of the goodness of my heart, I would feel obligated.  This particular friend has saved my ass numerous times.  She often stops by and takes care of my feline companion when I’m out of town, which is a really big deal when you live in a city and don’t know/trust a ton of people.  Also, she literally kept me from having to sleep on a street corner one night last week.  Care to hear that story?  Doesn’t matter, I’m going to tell it either way.

Last Monday, this little card caused a big amount of trouble.  While at the office, I had given a coworker my keys so she could get the discount at the local grocery store using my Jewel Customer Card.  We both forgot she had said keys, and went about our merry ways home.  This was no one’s fault really; she was busy getting ready to work with a student and I was in a rush to get to my chiropractor appointment.  I didn’t even notice my lack of keys until I walked up to my front door at 7:30 that evening.  I happened to be talking to my mom on my cell at the time, and I’m sure she was thrilled when I started spewing profanities and told her I was locked out of my apartment.  I had a moment of blind panic, where I envisioned myself huddled in the door of my apartment building for the night and then wearing my work clothes back into the office, like some horrible work-week walk of shame.  My phone luckily decided to drop the call with my mom at that exact moment, which allowed me a brief bit of time to collect my thoughts.  By the time she called me back, I had remembered my great friend from college.  I had given her my one and only set of spare keys months ago, since as I mentioned she often cat sits for me while I’m away.  I was nervous calling her because she works long hours and I wasn’t even sure she would get my message that night, but she actually called me back about ten minutes later and was at my apartment in under an hour.  I owe that girl a lot.

If she hadn’t gotten back to me, my plan was to take the bus to her apartment and sit on her stoop until either she or her fiance came home.  I’m so glad it didn’t resort to that.  Seriously, she saved me in a big way and it made me ever so glad once again that I know her.

Do you have any friends who have recently saved your ass in a major way?  Let ’em know, it’s always nice to feel appreciated.  Even if it’s not so major as to help provide you shelter for a night, the little things can go a long way.  Thanks again to my wonderful, engaged friend!

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