Bright Side

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My tooth is better! My real crown was installed and I didn’t choke to death on cement, nor did I swallow it over the weekend! I can eat and drink and be merry once again! We also had an absolutely gorgeous weekend full of sunshine and a magnificent lack of rain, so all is right in the world!


Praise be!

Even better? The find I found on Record Store Day, this past Saturday. For those of you who don’t know this about me, I’ve been a huge Led Zeppelin fan for like 20 years. I own all of their albums on vinyl but one in particular, Houses of the Holy, had evaded me since I began my collection. It was my favorite album too and I’ve checked every record store I’ve ever been in with the hopes of discovering it. I know I could have ordered it from someplace at any time but I didn’t want to rob myself of the pleasure of pulling it out of a pile with my own two hands. And guess what? I FINALLY experienced that on Saturday!  Ironically, it was in a record store I’ve been in numerous times and while I’ve always searched for Houses, I never found it. Before Record Store Day. It’s almost a great as Rex Manning Day (and extra musical props to you if you get that reference).

It was seriously everything I had hoped and thought it would be.

On top of that awesomeness and the amazing weather, I got to see lots of friends all weekend long. I even attended a yoga class and didn’t break anything. This grown-up stuff is can be pretty alright!


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Get the Led Out

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Sunday night, I was lucky enough to check out a Led Zeppelin tribute band.  As Led Zeppelin is pretty much my favorite band of all time, I was pretty stoked.  I’ve seen Zeppelin tribute bands before and while nothing will ever come close to seeing the actual, full band (which is now impossible, unless you want to watch John Bonham’s son on the drums…though he is pretty good), it’s always entertaining to watch men gyrate on stage and sing some of my favorite songs.

My love of all things Zep began in junior high, when I came across some of their CD’s while I was raiding my parents music collection.  I can’t really explain why I like them so much but they’re pretty much the only band that I can put on any time, anywhere and be totally fine with.  I’ve been told all my life that I was born in the wrong decade and I like to think that some former version of myself partied hard with the rockers of Zeppelin.  I’m also the only person I know who loves the band as much as I do – with the exception of one female friend of mine.  This woman is my musical soul mate and we’ve bonded over many things but our affection for Jimmy, John, John Paul and Robert is the cement that binds us.  I love that girl and only wish she could’ve rocked out Sunday with me.

Here are the actual members of Led Zeppelin, circa the '70's

I don't know if this is the actual band I saw or not (stage was too far), but you get the idea

The show was pretty good, even though it started raining and didn’t exactly let up.  There was lots of beer, great company and of course awesome music.  It was a street-fest type thing, which I always enjoy.  I actually accidentally walked through some burger street fest on my way to catch the music and while I probably wouldn’t have been able to eat much there, it did look good.

Speaking of food, after the show we all went to a new (to me) restaurant, called The Wishbone, which is billed as Southern Reconstruction cooking.  As a sometimes Southern girl myself, I was intrigued and not disappointed.  I had the black bean cakes with sautéed spinach and macaroni and cheese and it was all delicious.  As was the cornbread, which I probably had too much of.  You only live once, right?

Unless you’re me, since I’ve obviously rocked out in both the 70’s and today.

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