Friday Round-Up

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As usual, my brain has been a little all over the place lately. I’ve been dealing with some family stuff that isn’t exactly fun and while it’s not over yet, some of the biggest hurdles have been crossed. I think. I hope. Because my head is more than a little spazzy, I’m going to let loose with my post to get some stuff out.



It’s been raining for like three weeks and the sun came out today and I had almost forgotten what it looked like. I felt like a vampire and not in the sexy way. However, the juxtaposition of the first sunny day also being the first day our new “President” drops bombs on a struggling country without Congressional approval is somewhat difficult to align. I cried this week watching videos of Syrian children gasping for breath and I cannot imagine seeing that happen to my family. I don’t think there are any good or easy answers to these issues but I don’t see how fighting violence with violence will put an end to violence. Fighting a war for peace is sort of like having sex for the sake of virginity. But I’m not someone who gets to make those decisions so I will sit here and stare at my phone and think “What fresh hell is this” every time I get a new news alert.

What else. There are positive things even in the darkness and today I found some unexpected money that will go to a deserving person. I’m having a good hair day. And I think Scott and I convinced the guys in the apartment we’ll be moving into to move out a day or so early, which will help us save tons of cold hard cash when it comes to hiring our own movers. So that’s a win! I’m working all night at the Field Museum tonight and will get to spend my evening surrounded by excited kids, taxidermied animals and dinosaur bones. So clearly my Friday will be cooler than yours. And it’s going to be warm and STILL sunny this weekend so I plan on enjoying the crap out of our weather.

Also. I have Jury Duty next week for the first time ever and I’m pretty freaking excited about it. I really want to be chosen and am trying to determine a good way to ensure I do so without making the court think I’m a crazy person. I just want to see the judicial system in action and don’t even care if it’s for something like a traffic violation. This is my civic right so let me at it!

I still have great friends and great family and a great husband and I’m trying not to take the good things in my life for granted while I also fight off the bad. That’s all anyone can hope for, right?

And hey, at least it’s Friday!

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Why My Friday is Probably Better than Yours

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  • My boss is out of town until Wednesday.
  • Not-so-coincidentally, I shall be leaving work early today (and possibly Monday and Tuesday).
  • The super loud sales guy who sits next to me left for Spain this morning and will be gone for over a week.
  • My mom, sister and sister’s boyfriend are in town for the weekend.
  • We’re going out for sushi tonight and I’ve been craving sushi for weeks.
  • We’re also going to a rooftop Cub’s game tomorrow afternoon, where we will enjoy all you can eat food and all you can drink beverages.
  • I got paid today and this is the first of three paychecks I’ll get this month.
  • This is the last day of construction on the train I take to work and I won’t have to wake up early any more to face a longer commute.
  • I’m not moving this weekend (I have friends dealing with this at the moment and I am oh so thankful that I won’t be packing anything up or shipping anything out for at least a year).

Also glad we don’t have that causal of Friday’s around our office.

It’d be hard to bring me down today, that’s for sure.  Hope your weekend is half as good as mine and if not, come meet us all for a beer!

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We made it!  Just when I thought I might break, another weekend is finally upon us!

I’ll be beginning my third annual Dozin’ with the Dino’s program tonight, where I go hang out at the Field Museum for a few hours with a bunch of kids and families who are staying the whole night in the exhibits.  I’ll be working a recycled jewelry table this evening and while I have no idea what that means, I’ve been a fan of recycling ever since I dressed up as a recycling bin for Halloween (in elementary school, not like last year…by the way this costume included a milk jug as a hat.  I was incredibly popular, lemme tell you).  As much as I’d like to go straight home after work and enjoy some quality time with my pajamas and my couch, I know that once I get there and get moving I’ll have a blast with the kids.  And the fact that I don’t have to stay the entire night with them makes it even better!  In fact, this is my theory on child-raising on general.  As long as it’s something I can do part time before heading home to the quiet of my apartment and a bottle of wine, I’m all for it.

Ohh fancy!

I’ve also got big plans for Saturday, thanks to the former accountant at our office (the one I thought never really understood the concept of numbers…which could be why she’s no longer our accountant).  Before she left, she gave me two tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  They sell for $135 a pop and she didn’t charge me a cent, hence my questioning her math abilities.  But I’m not complaining!  Scott and I have never done something so classy and we’re going to get all dolled up before the show.  Do guys get dolled up?  You know what I mean.  I will admit that a small part of me considered putting them up on Craigslist and turning a profit but since the Symphony is something I’ve never done and seems like quite the experience, I’m glad we’re going.  To be fair, we’ve gone to the Orchestra performances in Millennium Park during the summers and those free events outside in the sun are a blast.  After all, I’m sure bringing my own bottle of booze and bag of snacks to the one tomorrow won’t be the norm as it is in the Park.  But this will be a whole new way to listen to the music and I’m pretty pumped.  I may even wear a new skirt!

What else is on the agenda for this weekend?  Well, I have talked big talk about going to a yoga session at my gym Saturday morning too.  Since I’m writing it down for other people to see, maybe that will make me more accountable?  We’ll see.  I’d also like to take down my Christmas decorations (early for me!) and maybe watch a movie.  We’ll see how much of this other than the museum and symphony stuff actually gets done.



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At Long Last

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Friday has arrived!

My neck feels better (somewhat…still not 100% but I’ll take the current 83%), I’ve remembered my wallet for the past two days and most important, my uncle is feeling better and will hopefully be able to leave the hospital sometime in the near future.  So thanks for all the good wishes, as I fully believe they worked!  I also had a fun book club last night with my literate lady friends (recap to follow next week) and I got a free doughnut this morning in the lobby of our building (people were giving them out as a promotion, it’s not like I found it behind a plant) so things are looking up.  Add to that the fact that my favorite season officially starts tomorrow and I have a laid-back weekend on the horizon…well, not even a crappy work day can bring me down now.  Take that, stupid Excel sheet with 14,000 cells for me to review!  And the cherry on the no-longer shit cake?

He has had my heart since Angels in the Outfield

Joseph Gordon Levitt, the only man Scott knows I could possibly one day leave him for, is hosting SNL this week!  Consider my Saturday night plans set in stone.

C’mon, 5pm!


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It’s the End of the Week as We Know It

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It’s the happiest day of the week!  It’s also been a busy one for me so I don’t have much time to write.  I’m taking a megabus road trip after work to go to Indianapolis, where I’ll be attending my first-ever bachelorette party tomorrow night.  I may or may not be doing a post about that because sometimes what happens at bachelorette parties should stay at bachelorette parties.  I’ll also be crashing with some great old friends whom I haven’t seen in months.  Hopefully I won’t have a seatmate on the ride who’s been drinking Jack Daniels since noon but with the megabus you just never know…

Regardless, have yourselves a great weekend!

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