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When it’s this cold out, I think everyone should get the day off to stay at home in their pajamas and drink hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies.  And if that’s not possible, I think our pets should be forced to do housecleaning while we’re away at work so we’re not so jealous of their warm little furry selves that we contemplate spraying them with water bottles.  Or am I the only one that does that?

The wind chill was -10 this morning when I made my way to work.  If it’s this bad in early December, I shudder (literally) at the thought of what it will be like once February rolls around.  How did our ancestors survive this biting cold weather without things like central heat and leg warmers?  Oh that’s right, they would cut up dead animals and use their skins for protection.  I’ve never been much on real fur but perhaps I should find a buffalo or deer or something and dispose of its innards so that I may crawl inside.


I think the cold does weird things do people’s brains.

What’s also frustrating is figuring out how to dress.  I have two interviews this week (and I am certainly NOT complaining about that) but it’s kind of awkward to show up for such a meeting resembling the abdominal snowman.  I can’t even wear my regular winter boots (not that it really matters because they leak so much my toes freeze anyway) because wearing snow shoes doesn’t exactly go well with business casual clothing.  What’s a girl to do?  That’s right, freeze.  Hopefully the frostbite setting in on my cheeks will give them a lovely, rosy glow that will make me impossible not to hire!

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