Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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So Tuesday night a couple of my sister’s friends were in town.  This couple is a couple I’ve also known for years and years and although they were only in town for a few days for a conference, we managed to carve some time out to hang.  Play ball!  They were going to a Cubs game and I planned to meet them beforehand for some drinks.  Well, in a fabulous display of luck, a banker at my office was giving away four tickets to the game Tuesday afternoon and I managed to nab them.  These seats were pretty awesome and just a little bit better than the nosebleed ones the out-of-towners had.  So I surprised them with the best seats they’ve ever had in their lives (according to them) and Scott and I were able to go to the game too!

We gave the original tickets they had away to some guys at a bar we were at before the game and honestly, we should’ve timed it better because they offered to buy us drinks but we were heading out.  Oh well, our good dead was done.  The weather the night of the game was nice but it was HOT – like in the 90’s hot.  And the water I used to wash my hands in the bathroom was also hot, which I felt like was kind of kicking me while I was down.  No matter though, I had beer and nachos and the CUBS WON!  6-0 – talk about a great game to go to!  There were three homeruns too which was pretty crazy.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night!

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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We came, we saw, we listened.

Saturday, Scott and I used our free tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and braved winds and rain while wearing our finest.  It was quite the experience.  Neither of us had ever seen an orchestra before and it’s pretty amazing to watch dozens of people in tune with one another and moving their bows, fingers and strings in perfect harmony.  We saw music as written by Beethoven and the musicians were all so talented it made me sad that I never had my aunt teach me the piano when I was a kid.  Scott and I vowed that if we ever have children, they’re definitely learning to play an instrument.  Seriously, I can’t even begin to imagine the time and effort it takes to become as good at something as those musicians were.  They all were completely into their performances, so much so that at one point we were certain one guy in particular would put the eye out of the woman playing next to him.  Thankfully, that did not happen.  Given our great seats, we would’ve seen it all.

Photo taken before the concert started because I am not a rude jackass.

Photo taken before the concert started because I am not a rude jackass.

After one of the sets, the raised platform that the conductor had been conducting on sank into the ground, which was pretty cool in itself.  Even cooler, they put a piano on it and brought the whole level back up so the next guy could hit the keys.  That was one of my favorite parts because the piano added a little something extra.  I also liked the guy on the big drum in the back and all of the huge guitars whose name I don’t really know but…well, the instruments look like big guitars.  Shows you how much good my band class in middle school did me.

The only drawback to the evening was the guy sitting next to me (not Scott!).  His breathing was labored and very loud and I even heard him snoring lightly a few times during the performance.  I wasn’t sure what the social protocol was on something like that and he was by himself so I couldn’t give the stink eye to his date.  He was also really overweight so maybe he wasn’t snoring and just had his eyes closed listening to the music?  But it seemed like he was snoozing.  I felt bad for him because he was alone so I made up a story that he has some rare illness that causes him to be an insomniac except when he’s listening to expensive classical music in a pubic setting, and that helped me feel a little better.  Perhaps that was the only good rest he got all week.  Other than him, most everyone was quiet throughout the performances and as soon as the sets were over people let loose with their coughing, sniffling and general whispering.  Kind of funny, to be honest.

I also made friends with some older lady in the line for the bathroom at intermission and found out she used to be a docent in Ohio and once thought about retiring in Bloomington, Indiana, where I went to college.  Small world!

Scott and I had a lovely evening but would probably not become season ticket holders anytime soon, mostly because we have rent to pay.  Not a bad way to pass a few hours for free though, and definitely an experience everyone should have at least once!



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We made it!  Just when I thought I might break, another weekend is finally upon us!

I’ll be beginning my third annual Dozin’ with the Dino’s program tonight, where I go hang out at the Field Museum for a few hours with a bunch of kids and families who are staying the whole night in the exhibits.  I’ll be working a recycled jewelry table this evening and while I have no idea what that means, I’ve been a fan of recycling ever since I dressed up as a recycling bin for Halloween (in elementary school, not like last year…by the way this costume included a milk jug as a hat.  I was incredibly popular, lemme tell you).  As much as I’d like to go straight home after work and enjoy some quality time with my pajamas and my couch, I know that once I get there and get moving I’ll have a blast with the kids.  And the fact that I don’t have to stay the entire night with them makes it even better!  In fact, this is my theory on child-raising on general.  As long as it’s something I can do part time before heading home to the quiet of my apartment and a bottle of wine, I’m all for it.

Ohh fancy!

I’ve also got big plans for Saturday, thanks to the former accountant at our office (the one I thought never really understood the concept of numbers…which could be why she’s no longer our accountant).  Before she left, she gave me two tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  They sell for $135 a pop and she didn’t charge me a cent, hence my questioning her math abilities.  But I’m not complaining!  Scott and I have never done something so classy and we’re going to get all dolled up before the show.  Do guys get dolled up?  You know what I mean.  I will admit that a small part of me considered putting them up on Craigslist and turning a profit but since the Symphony is something I’ve never done and seems like quite the experience, I’m glad we’re going.  To be fair, we’ve gone to the Orchestra performances in Millennium Park during the summers and those free events outside in the sun are a blast.  After all, I’m sure bringing my own bottle of booze and bag of snacks to the one tomorrow won’t be the norm as it is in the Park.  But this will be a whole new way to listen to the music and I’m pretty pumped.  I may even wear a new skirt!

What else is on the agenda for this weekend?  Well, I have talked big talk about going to a yoga session at my gym Saturday morning too.  Since I’m writing it down for other people to see, maybe that will make me more accountable?  We’ll see.  I’d also like to take down my Christmas decorations (early for me!) and maybe watch a movie.  We’ll see how much of this other than the museum and symphony stuff actually gets done.



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