Giving Thanks – Day Five

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It’s easy to be thankful for this final post topic today because of a phone call I had earlier this afternoon.  My cat is currently being cat-sat by a vet tech at the animal hospital I’ve been taking her to, and today the tech was nice enough to take Catsby back in for some more testing of her insulin levels.  Well, I spoke with our vet a few hours ago and she said that my diabetic kitty is doing much better and we can probably lower her insulin dosage.  Actually, she also said that she wants to monitor her blood

I'm thankful I'm not quite a Cat Lady...yet...

sugar tomorrow so we can make sure Catsby’s not in full-on remission (which would be great, but I’m not getting my hopes up too much…I’ll just be glad if we can get her regulated).  So, things are on the up and up for my little furry friend and I’m so, so happy to report that.  I can only hope she continues to get better and better!

It’s amazing how a pet can become a part of the family, especially when the family consists of yourself and some plants.  I remember how terrified I was when she was so sick and to this day I don’t know how people handle the worry of having children.  I’m thankful I have an animal companion who is so important to me that I can’t imagine life without her.

Since the is the last day in my Thanksgiving-themed week, I suppose I should round-up everything else I may have forgotten.  You’ll have to excuse me if some of these are repeats from what I wrote this time last year but if I’m still thankful for it then I figured it was worth mentioning again.  Here goes:

books, words and things like book club; cakes, pies, cookies and dessert food in general; Led Zeppelin; my green sweater that I’ve had for five years; wine; the internet and my cell phone plan; cheese; my slippers; the feeling I get when I stretch out like a starfish in my bed after a long day and of course, my great looks and sparkling personality.

Last year, I mentioned that I was thankful for the free living room couches and queen sized bed I have…upon further review, I realized that wasn’t all.  My TV, TV stand, bookcase, DVD case, DVD player, bedroom dresser and dining room set have all been handed down to me by various fantastic friends (and I promise, it doesn’t look like a mismatched hobo lair).  So, I’m thankful for the furnishings of my apartment as well.

Clearly, I have plenty to be thankful for.  I hope you’re able to count your blessings as well because no matter how bad you’ve got it, someone out there has it worse.  Now I’m going to continue my deep-fried Southern Thanksgiving over the weekend and try my best not to get permanently lost in a food coma.  See ya’ll Monday!

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Palm Reading and Chocolate

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I went to the Southport Street Fest on Saturday night and had a good time enjoying music, beer, booths and food.  I love the street fests in Chicago during the summer – they can tend to blend together but hanging out in the road while drinking and listening to random bands is always a fun time. The fest on Southport wasn’t the only one going on this weekend but as I knew it was less crowded and closer than some of the others, it seemed like my best bet.

The food is pricey and the beers aren’t cheap but you’re paying more for the experience than anything else.  The band

Appropriate coming from a church

that was playing Friday was pretty decent and while I didn’t get their name I did appreciate their rendition of Waterfalls by TLC.  They played some other music from the 90’s and since my tastes haven’t much evolved since then I was all for it.  I’m all for the free swag (stuff we all get) given out at street fests too and this one was no different.  My friend and I managed to score roughly 10 bottles of Ocean Spray juice and a bunch of sparkling water (too bad sparkling water tastes like fly urine…not that I’m all too familiar with the taste of fly urine, but you get the idea).  We also got handed this bottle opener, which I found slightly ironic.

As I mentioned, there are lots of booths at street fests too.  They display everything from jewelry to henna tattoos to clothing.  The jewelry always draws me in, even though I already have more than I’ll ever be able to wear.  No matter.  I found some super cool rings at one spot in particular and I decided I had to add a new one to my collection.  Most of the stuff in this booth was from Thailand or India and the guy working had an accent I couldn’t quite place (not that I’m great at placing accents to begin with).  As I was trying on rings, he started chatting with me about the various pieces he had for sale.  Then he took my hand, flipped it over and gave me a very impromptu palm reading.  Whatever, I’m game.  He started looking at lines and telling me that I’m stubborn and independent (well duh).  Then he got an intense look on his face, stared deeply into my hand and declared that I’m an ambitious mother******.  Had to laugh at that.

He also gave a reading to my friend and said that we complement each other because I bring out the more daring side in her.  We both got a kick out of it and even if it was all a bunch of bologna, it was a free and interesting ten minutes.  Gotta love free and interesting, if nothing else.

Yesterday, I made my way downtown for pizza eating and TrueBlood watching with another friend.  The lady in question lives in a super nice place and as I was making my way from the train to her pad, I detected a delicious scent in the air.  Chocolate.  I was thinking how nice it must be to live in an area that pumps in pleasant smells when I thought to glance around.  That’s when I saw this:

If I lived near a Chocolate Factory, bad things would happen

I was walking directly next to a Chocolate Factory.  I didn’t see any Oompa Loompas or Gene Wilder running about but it was a factory of chocolate nonetheless.  How is this just casually sitting in downtown Chicago?  How are there not people trying to break in at every given moment?  I seriously doubt that I have the self control to live in such an area.  It was hard enough to walk by, especially when I saw the sign saying it’s been operating 24/7 for the last 67 years.  I thought of ambushing the place and raiding it for all it was worth but I’m sure it was heavily guarded by lasers and retina-scanning technology.  At least, that’s how I would protect a chocolate factory if I were lucky enough to own one.

Mmm chocolate…sweets…cake…a student at work just brought us in an extremely decadent cake to thank us for all of our hard work with him over the year.  It’s waiting on my desk so I should probably pay it proper attention.  The lines in my palm and the fork in my hand are telling me to, so I must oblige.

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On Target

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Target disorients me with its awesomeness

Oh, Target.  How often do people enter your store with the good intention of buying just one item?  As we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Even though you are ohsoclose to me, I try to avoid you because I know you’re not always good for me.  Or my budget.  This weekend, though, I was really looking forward to a shopping spree, courtesy of my landlord.

Yup, he finally came through for me and I had a $100.00 Visa card in my apartment when I came home Friday afternoon.  He had been promising me a gift card to Target ever since my bathroom pipe debacle and he was good to his word.  Well, not exactly – the gift card was a Visa card which required me to activate it before use.  No biggie, right?

Right.  So I went to Target yesterday, after carefully planning out my list, and was more than excited to have $100.00 to blow that did not come directly from my paycheck.  You know how it is with Target – I thought I’d be in and out in 20 minutes.  Ha.  I was there almost two hours (in part because they finished the produce area and I had to give it a look-see) but I was pretty happy that I found everything I needed.  Various groceries, water filters, prescriptions, a new watch (which I’m going to have to return – damn these stupid dainty wrists), shampoo, body wash…the usual odds and ends that make up any good trip to Target.  I had a feeling I was getting close to my hundred-dollar limit so I wandered on up to the registers, my Visa card out and ready to pay.


What in the wide, wide world of sports?  Apparently these cards take a few days to activate, even after you go online and follow the directions to activate them.  You can imagine how I felt when I was told that it wasn’t quite activated and I’d have to wait a few days.  The shock.  The horror.  The embarrassment as a line of people behind me rolled their eyes and breathed one collective sigh of frustration.  It was a truly magical moment.

So I had to shell out some of my own hard-earned money to get the hell out of the store.  Looks like I’ll be holding on to my Visa gift card for a few more days (but not too long, because after every month that goes by where it’s not used, money is taken off the card.  They really are jerks like that).  I was so proud of myself for saving the card for groceries and other necessary items and now those items are paid for and the card is burning a hole in my pocket.  Should I save it for my next day of errand running and grocery buying?  Should I spend it on something totally irresponsible and reckless?  If so, what?

Yeah, yeah…I’ll probably save it for groceries.  Sometimes grown-ups have all the fun.

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