What in the What

January 9, 2014 at 11:27 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Roadkill?  Nope, footwear.

Roadkill? Nope, footwear.

My wonderful momma bought me some new winter boots while I was visiting for Christmas, which was much appreciated because my old ones leaked.  Not ideal for the snowy season in Chicago.  We found the new boots at an outlet mall on our way to drop me off at the Megabus to head home and since my bags were already oh so packed, we opted to have them shipped on up to my apartment.  They actually made it up here on New Year’s Eve Day, which was perfect because that’s when all the snow started.  And my new boots are amazing – not a drop of water gets in them and they’re so sturdy I can leap giant snow piles in a single bound!

While looking for the perfect fit, I came across some rather atrocious prospects.  In fact, one set some dude tried to sell me were electric – they plugged in to charge and would keep your feet warm as you walked around.  Call me crazy but mixing electricity with water/snow/ice just doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Another pair that cause me to shake my head were these things in the above picture.  At first I thought someone had left a stuffed animal or ugly scarf in the shoe section.  Nope, these were for real.  And really awful.  Or at least, in my opinion.  I won’t pretend to be the most fashionable person out there so maybe they’re actually in style and I’m just woefully behind on the times?

God I hope not.



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