Lightning Bugged

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So short on time today but I had to share this story, from my most recent Megabus excursion:

As we made our way toward Indianapolis Friday night (we even left on time!), our driver made an announcement over the loudspeaker.  At this point, we were perhaps an hour and a half north of Indy and it was just about dusk.  Usually when the driver makes an announcement, it’s to let us know we’re taking a pit stop, getting close to our destination or to yell at someone who’s walking down the front staircase (it’s quite illegal to use anything other than the rear stairs on a double-decker bus while it’s in motion).  I was expecting one of these typical interruptions, but I was in for a surprise.

Apparently, our bus driver recently moved to the Midwest from Alaska and had never seen fireflies prior to her move.  Her announcement was simply to tell us how fascinating she found them, and how they were so pretty and magical.  To be honest, she sounded like she was on acid and it made me fear just a bit for the safety of our bus.  She said she couldn’t believe there were these little bugs lighting up all over the place and that there were a bunch to the left of our bus if we wanted to see them for ourselves.

Now, I’m pretty sure the majority (if not all) of the people on the bus were quite familiar with lightning bugs and we all laughed awkwardly at the end of her little speech, looking around at one another to confirm our belief that this woman could be a bit off her rocker.  I know that I have fond memories of trapping fireflies in  jars as a kid (always with air holes, and I never kept them long) and it made me a little sad to think she had been denied that pleasure.  I did have a brief image of this middle-aged woman chasing them down with her own little bug catcher, but I think even she might not be down for that.  Who knows though, she was more than a little excited by what she saw out the window.

I guess I had never thought that some places simply don’t produce these summer bugs.  I’m glad I grew up in a place where I could appreciate them and I’m even more glad that I didn’t make an entire bus full of people question my sanity after babbling on about fireflies for more than a few minutes.  I’m glad she liked them though – and I can only hope that from here on out her eyes remain on the road rather than chasing lightning bugs in the field.

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