All in a Day’s Work

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This was the scene outside my office window yesterday:

Not for the faint of heart.

Not for the faint of heart.

In case you can’t exactly tell, there are four men standing on the roof.  On the 50th floor.  The two to the left were wearing body harnesses while, from what I could tell, the other two just stood there.  To be fair I think the guy in the suit was building security.  Anyway, the one guy you probably can’t see that well is actually laying down and holding a video camera over the side of the building.  My palms broke out into a cold sweat just watching these dudes.

They were obviously taking footage for something and I’m pretty sure it was for the new Transformers movie that’s been filming in and around the city over the last few weeks.  I’ve never watched any of those movies but if there’s a scene from halfway up our building I kind of want to see it, especially if I was standing 50 feet away from the cameraman at the time it was shot.  I stood at the window and watched these guys for a while and at one point a huge military looking helicopter flew by so I sort of figured that was the shot they wanted.  They actually all came back later in the day (though with a different security person in a suit) and took some more footage…perhaps for different angles in waning daylight?  Who knows.  Since no one told me a thing, I’m free to let my imagination run wild!  Which means I imagined what would happen if the guy wearing the harness jumped off the roof and tried to bungee to the street.  It probably would have been pretty freaky for the people below us when he smacked into their office windows, that’s for sure.

I seriously doubt I could have stood out there myself.  My office might drive me crazy sometimes but this chair is nice and safe so my happy ass will gladly sit around and watch the madness going on outside.



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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

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…it’s a movie being shot in my building!

Apparently, parts of the new Superman movie are being shot here in the Tower Formerly Known as Sears.  To be specific, The Daily Planet headquarters that Clark Kent works at will be filmed within these walls although they’ll be using the Chicago Board of Trade building as the exterior.

Do phone booths even exist in this city for him to change in?

I figured something was going on last week when a few huge semi trailers stationed themselves in the alley I take every day between the office and the train.  The trailers have all sorts of electrical looking equipment inside and there are also now a few bored looking men standing around with security hats and bright yellow vests, presumably to make sure no one hijacks the semis.  Which would probably be pretty difficult to do, in all honesty.  Anyway filming officially started on Wednesday and I’ve already seen cameramen working with the Tower security guards on locations and lighting and this morning I saw a large wardrobe rack on the lower level, which I can only assume was full of costumes.  I tried to spy the Superman suit but they shut the door before I could get a good look.  Sneaky bastards.

I guess it’s pretty cool that this is going on but I’d probably be more excited if it was a movie I was really into or featured actors that got me excited.  Where’s Joseph Gordon Levitt when I need him?  I’m not huge into the comic book movies but this might be one I have to see, if for no other reason than to say “Hey I work there!” or “Hey I once sneezed on that wall!”.  This isn’t the first movie to be filmed here in recent years (The Dark Knight, Transformers) but it is the first one to be filmed while I myself am working in the downtown area.  So it’s a little out of the norm and it’s a little exciting but unless it somehow causes me to earn a little extra money (which it won’t), I’m not too impressed.  And if they completely shut down the alley that I save myself precious minutes by walking through, I’ll be pissed.

Of course if JGL makes a special cameo appearance in my office all will be forgiven.  You hear that, Superman?

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