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A few weeks ago, Willis Sears Tower began hosting a farmer’s market on the sidewalk outside the entrance facing Wacker Drive.  Living in the city prevents me from spending much time around farms and truly fresh produce so it was exciting to see it brought almost right to my door.  I ventured down there on the cold and rainy Thursday last week and, while there were a few booths with miserable looking attendants standing around, the weather prevented the event from being what it could’ve been.  I did manage to find a cheese booth and being such a ginormous cheese lover myself, I hung around there until I was almost shooed away.  The woman had various cheese spreads, cubes and curds and I was in heaven.  I was not, however, prepared.  I didn’t put much planning into my little shopping trip and I had no cash so I had to walk away empty-handed (well, not entirely empty.  I took as many samples as I could).

Today I made no such mistake.  I showed up bearing cold, hard cash.

Look! Booths!

It was tough not to buy something from every booth.  The pastries and chocolates were delicious and there was an entire salsa station featuring jars with pineapple, Portobello mushrooms and a whole lotta spice.  Have I mentioned how much I love free samples?  Then there were the tables showing off gorgeous and fresh produce, not to mention sunflowers and random bouquets of other flowers.  I had to stop myself from going crazy but I did allow myself some cheese.  I purchased a brick of  baked jalapeno delight that can be cooked on a little George Foreman grill, on the stove, in the microwave or a toaster oven.  Since I have all of those things I shall be feasting on cheese for…well, however long it takes me to eat the entire package.  Like maybe an hour.

Looks like I’ll be spending a good amount of time on Thursday mornings hanging around the booths on the sidewalk.  If you’re around you should join, otherwise I’m sure your area has a farmer’s market of its own.  Feel free to check it out and then send me cheese from all over the world.

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