Falafel Frenzy

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Recipe time!

Last week, Scott and I made our regular trip to Trader Joe’s and picked up some frozen falafels, which inspired the meal.  Actually, everything here was purchased from Trader Joe’s but if you’re not lucky enough to have one near you, I bet most if not all of this could be found just about anywhere.



Disclaimer: I know it’s not plated very prettily but it still tasted delicious.  Also, yes, that is a wine sippy cup in the background and I bet you wish that your awesome little sister bought you one too.

So we bought a bag of the frozen falafels, which basically went into the oven per the directions on the bag.  We also purchased: pita pockets, garlic hummus, kale salad, avacados and a container of tabouli.  The hummus and tabouli went inside the pita bread, then we broke up the falafels and stuck them in there too.  Kale salad was served as a side along with actual pita chips which we dipped in more hummus.  The avacados were kind of a random addition, I’ll admit, but we eat them just about every night and I was really hungry so they were added to the plate.

The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes to put together and that includes time in the oven.  It was super easy and super full of protein, which is awesome for our vegetarian selves.  We actually bought the same ingredients again last weekend and plan on having a friend over later this week to help us enjoy another meal.  Maybe I’ll take a better looking picture then?  Or maybe I’ll be too busy stuffing my face to care.  Again.


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I Dream of Falafel

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Working in the Loop provides one with ample choices for lunchtime eateries.  I usually don’t allow myself to eat out for lunch (as I’m no Rockefeller) but every now and then I splurge and brave the windy city streets for some delicious eats.  As many scrumptious options as there are within walking distance, I find myself time and time again heading to the doors of I Dream of Falafel.

I was turned onto this place by a coworker and in the three months since I first ate there, I’ve convinced three other


coworkers of the glory that is amazing falafel as well.  It doesn’t hurt that we have a Willis Tower Rewards Card that gives us a 20% discount, but even without the price cut I’d be there quite often.  In fact, I didn’t know about said discount until last week and it never stopped me from going prior to that.  Anyway, this quick and easy Mediterranean place serves up large quantities of hummus, baba ganoujeh, tabbouleh,  pita and of course falafel.  In fact, this place actually has sweet potato falafels and now that I’ve had that, i don’t know if I can ever go back.  For those of you who have know clue what the hell a falafel is, I’d be happy to enlighten you.  It’s basically a scoop of chick peas (the same thing hummus is made of), only shaped into a ball and deep-fried.  It’s much better than it sounds, I assure you.  It’s actually downright dreamy (pun intended).

I was treated to a meal here yesterday by a woman I work with – I’d helped her with a rather long, tedious project and she wanted to say thanks.  It wasn’t necessary but it was much appreciated, especially since one plate from this place will satiate my appreciate for an entire day.  Unfortunately, this is only a Chicago eatery (so far as I know).  There are three locations in and around the Loop so if and when you’re here and hungry, you know where to go.  And if you take me with you I can get us a discount!  Your treat, of course.

PS – You know how my life is full of coincidences, much like that which I blogged about yesterday?  Well last night I was watching a few episodes of the Simpsons from a friend’s box set and the episode where they go to Itchy and Scratchy Land came on.  There’s a rather long parody of the It’s a Small World ride in Disney World, which I found funny given my post topic yesterday.  That is all.

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