A Little Soupy

October 22, 2014 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Even though it only lasts for like three days, I love the fall. I also love soups and using my crock pot, so you can tell good things are happening to me right around now. Case in point: I went to a friend’s place late last week and she had a ton of potatoes leftover from her latest CSA delivery so she had to share. Oh drat, that meant I had to make a cheesy, broccoli potato soup!  I used this recipe as inspiration because Scott doesn’t eat real person cheese but I deviated from it a bit, as I often do when using recipes.  Here’s what I ended up doing:

So good it's scary

So good it’s scary

I took all of the potatoes (like two pots full) then boiled them until soft and threw them in a crock pot with like six cups of water. I put the shallot, garlic, onion and carrots in a food processor then dumped all that in the pot too, then steamed some frozen broccoli and added it as well. I used regular seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic salt, basil, thyme, everyday seasoning) along with some fake shredded cheese, then used a hand immersion blender to mix everything up. Then I basically let it all sit in the crock pot for a while until it was hot, added some more “shredded cheese” and then voila! Good to go! It was super easy and since I shoved it all in the crock pot, I didn’t have to sit around watching the stove all afternoon. You can feel free to use all of that extra time to clean up the kitchen, read a book, dance a dance or write me a letter telling me how pretty and nice I am. Then you can enjoy some delicious soup!

FYI it’s particularly good when paired with cornbread and pumpkin pie. Then again, what isn’t?




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