Sense and the Census

March 22, 2010 at 2:11 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

There are a great many things going on with our government today, including the passing of the health care reform bill.  I know there are a plethora of differing opinions on said bill and (surprise) I have my own thoughts on the subject.  However, I’m sure people are feeling inundated with comments on health care today so I’m not going to even begin to write about it.  Instead, I’ll comment on something else government-related that affects us all.  The census!

Like a dutiful citizen, I just filled out my census form.  I guess the last time the census was conducted was in 2000, which meant I was still living at home and had no need to fill anything out myself.  I must admit, in a dorky sort of was I was pretty excited to count my person.  I know some people become super wary of having the government know too much about them but the way I see it, the government already knows just about everything anyway.  My age, birth date, gender and ethnicity aren’t going to surprise Big Brother.  Besides, the census is sort of cool.  It provides a wide ethnographic survey of the entire country and helps to show how the populations of certain places and areas change over time.  It shows migration trends and provides economic statistics that will (hopefully) be used to help determine the basis of some of the country’s economic policies.  The census also helps with the allocation of educational funding for programs in states and communities.  So if you don’t fill it out you could be denying the children in your neighborhood music classes and kickballs.  Can you handle that?

So, I answered my short 10 question survey to the best of my ability.  I sort of wish I could claim my cat, as she definitely resides with me and uses many of my resources.  As I don’t have any jail-birds or elderly relatives stuck in retirement homes to take into consideration, my whole census experience was pretty straightforward.  It did cause one particular revelation, though…

Being white is boring.  Other ethnicities have a multitude of more specific choices to designate their origin, but white is just white.  What’s the fun there?  Perhaps there could be an off-white option, or maybe beige.  No?  Creme?  Okay, maybe not.  It did make me wish I had a bit more mixed up in my heritage than my own pastiness, but oh well.  I suppose in the grand scheme of things I have some French, Acadian and other things in there too, but…white is still white.

Holding to popular stereotype, I can barely jump and my dancing ability is limited, at best.  Such is the life and times of a boring white girl.  But at least I had fun filling out my survey – and you should too!

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