After the Beep

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Why am I so horribly awkward when leaving voice mail messages?  I’m not a bad speaker and I’ve been told numerous times that I have a very pleasant phone voice.  I’m comfortable with myself and those I’m leaving messages for but it seems that in this age of email and texts, my ability to leave a semi-normal, non rambling message has completely disappeared.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve left a handful of voice mails where, once I’ve hung up, I immediately started kicking myself.

Perhaps I should request this for Christmas?

It’s not like these are important calls to top government officials – it’s pretty much just among friends so they know I’m a little off anyway.  Still, there’s not much worse than hanging up and instantly regretting the words that just fell out of your mouth.  I’m reminded of sitcom episodes where people break into someone’s apartment to delete incriminating or otherwise awkward messages before they’re played – unfortunately, leaving messages on a cell phone does not really give me an opportunity to do this.  Which doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it, but the logistics of getting into someone’s pants pocket or purse undetected make it somewhat difficult.  Plus a few of these uncomfortable sounding message have been left for people residing in other states, which pretty much means they’re stuck with them.  Hopefully my vocal weirdness comes across as adorable and endearing rather than creepy and half-handicapped like it sounds in my head.

Do I need a public speaking course?  Ironically, I went to a networking event on public speaking in our building just this week but I did it more for the free lunch than anything else.  Maybe I should’ve listened more.  Or maybe I just need to stick to texts.

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