September Book Club Review

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For this month’s book club, we read I’ve Got Your Number, a novel by Sophia Kinsella.  She’s the author who wrote the Confessions of a Shopaholic books and this was the first time I’d read anything by her.  The plot centered around a young, newly engaged woman who managed to lose her engagement ring, which just so happens to be a family heirloom for her husband-to-be.  She then had her cell phone stolen but luckily found a fully functional one in the trash (just go with it) and decided to use it as a point of contact should anyone find her missing ring.

Let it go to voicemail

The found phone belonged to the personal assistant of a businessman who doesn’t seem to mind allowing some strange woman to have access to all of his business emails and contacts as she has promised to forward him messages while she waits on news of her ring.  I saw where this plot was going (warning: spoilers ahead) a mile away as the young woman and the businessman develop quite the intimate relationship via texting so when they wound up in one anther’s arms as she wore the dress she had originally planned to wed another man in, I wasn’t too surprised.  There were a few twists I didn’t see coming and I think I may have laughed a few times but to be brutally honest, this book didn’t do much for me.  It was an admittedly quick and easy read, which is what we were all going for, but I found the main character annoying, immature and capable of making so many cringe-worthy bad decisions that I had a really hard time rooting for her.  It was sort of like reading through one of the longest, most uncomfortable episodes of Sex and the City ever made.

Eh, you can’t love ’em all.  For dinner, we went to DMK Burger Bar, which isn’t too far from my neighborhood and is apparently a fairly new and trendy place.  The atmosphere was fun but it was a little loud for a book club meeting and the fact that they don’t take reservations nor will they seat a table until every member of the party is there is fairly annoying.  We only had five in our group and waited an extra 20 minutes to be seated but luckily the food came out fairly fast so we didn’t starve too long.  I wasn’t really in a burger mood so I had some specialty mac and cheese, which was pretty good and just the right size.  One other annoyance was the fact that you had to order fries as either an individual or as a table since burgers didn’t come with anything as a side.  For the price paid for the patties, fries should be included in the deal (this is America, after all).  You can tell I’m upset by this because I didn’t even have a burger…I felt it was cheap and just plain wrong.  We did share some as a group and they were tasty but not amazing.

All in all, the book and restaurant were a little lackluster but the company was, as always, entertaining and so it was still a fun night out.  The next time I have a hankering for a fancy vegggie burger I’ll probably stick closer to home and go back to The Bad Apple  (where we’ve had a few book club meetings before), where huge amounts of fries are liberally given with your meal and it’s not so loud that you can’t have a conversation.  Next month we’ll be reading a book I already know and love and going to an Italian place I’ve yet to try out, so look for that sometime in October!

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