Ode to the Dive Bar (and to The Raven)

November 20, 2009 at 6:45 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Last night, upon an evening dreary

as I walked home, tired and weary

I thought of the little dive bar so close to my front door.

As I stood there, silently debating

my desire for a beer not quite abating,

I decided to wander into this bar once more.

Though it was now bleak November

and the days of warmth hard to remember,

the promise of a good beer still holds quite a lure.

And probably will, evermore.

The bar was dim and none too crowded

my quest for a drink was thinly shrouded

as the good man behind the bar gave a nice slow pour.

The game was on and people were talking

I enjoyed my beer and instead of walking

chose to have one more, just one more.

Then the barkeep passed some dollar bills

to put in the old jukebox, which lacked fancy frills

and the Led got out as I walked back across the floor.

Janis came next and the Beatles followed

the Doors came after and Jim Morrison wallowed,

as my second free drink went down as smoothly as the one before.

It was getting late when I left to go home

quite happy with my decision to go out and roam

for it was more fun than just buying beer at a store.

And now I can have reasonably priced drinks at a bar, forevermore.

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