Whirlwind Weekend

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I was busier this weekend than I’ve been in a long time.  Friday night was spent with a new friend at her place, eating a delicious dinner and drinking wine.  She lives in an incredibly nice building right on Lake Michigan (it’s the tallest one in this photo).  When she moved to the city earlier this year, she didn’t really give herself a lot of time for apartment hunting and wound up signing a lease without much research.  That’s why she’s living in a place half the size of mine but paying twice the rent (I seriously doubt she’ll be renewing her lease).  I will admit, though, that’s it’s an impressive building with an amazing view of the lake.  I actually called her when the cab dropped me off because I wasn’t sure I should be going in anyplace so fancy.

Cab, you say?  Yes, I know I usually shun that pricey mode of transportation.  However, I got myself a bit turned around downtown and figured it was easier to hail a taxi than to walk another 30 minutes.  This was after I had mentally patted myself on the back for feeling so much more comfortable getting around downtown – guess it served me right.  Hubris is a dangerous thing.

After my fun evening, I made my way back home on the train.  It was somewhere between 1 and 2am and the trains were crowded, but mine was even more so because some drunk had sicked all over one of the seats.  Of course, everyone was avoiding that particular area, making the rest of the car feel like a sardine can with a slightly less pleasant smell.  Gotta love public transportation.

I woke up Saturday and went to the library, where I downloaded a program on my laptop that will allow me to connect to the internet using the wireless on my cell phone.  You have no idea how nice it is to actually be able to get online in my living room again.  It’s been roughly two months since the connection I was pirating began using a password, so I’m pretty stoked to be able to peruse the internet in my underwear once again.  In all fairness, I could probably do that at the library, though it might be frowned upon.  You just never know with those public institutions.

After the library, I made my way back downtown to meet up with an old friend from high school.  She was in the city with a friend of hers for a mini vacation and since we hadn’t seen each other in, oh, eight odd years, a drink was in order.  Many drinks, as it turned out.  I found her at a bar quite easily and gave myself yet another pat on the back (hubris be damned).  Then the drinking began.  We stayed at bar #1 for a while (Dublin’s, seen here on the left) and enjoyed drinking overpriced beer.  After that we meandered to bar #2, which is here on the right.  We weren’t there long enough to catch any live music but we did manage to have a conversation with a group of middle-aged women about the practice of bedazzling female nether regions.  Guess I have Jennifer Love-Hewitt to thank for that one.  If you’re confused by any of this…well, it’s best not to ask.  Those ladies were having a good time though, that’s for sure.

A buddy of mine met us at the second drinking establishment and so we had a few more rounds.  He was nice enough to pick up our tab, even after my high school friend tried to get him into a controversial political discussion.  I managed to bite my tongue while she raved about the merits of Sarah Palin (it’s fine if you like her but well…I don’t) so I was quite proud of myself for that.  Religion and politics aside (yup, we hit on both subjects), it was another fun evening.  After we left bar #2, we stopped at a sushi restaurant whose name I cannot remember or else I’d insert another photo.  I had never had sushi before and ordered some vegetarian thing with cucumber and avocado – and it was awesome.  I guess I can finally understand what the big deal is about, even if I didn’t have any raw fish in mine.

Raw fish?  Really?  *Shudder*.

My buddy and I walked the out of towners back to their hotel after our meal, as they had an early flight the next morning.  Not he and I, though.  We made our way to yet another place whose name I’m blanking on, and imbibed in just a few more beers (is it any wonder I’m spacing on specifics?).  We also found our way to the pool table, where we surprisingly dominated.  We played against a team that had been sweeping the table all night and we promptly knocked them off of their throne with a pretty sweet win.  I even made the winning shot, which pretty much never happens.  They weren’t going down without a fight, though, so there was the rematch to end all rematches.  We were neck and neck for a while but alas,  it wasn’t meant to be.  My partner was pretty hard on himself (he accidentally knocked in the blasted eight ball a bit too soon) but I was honestly pretty impressed with of our pool playing abilities, especially given the fact that it had been eons since either of us had played.  Perhaps this guy and I should create a formidable hustling team and start taking people down left and right?  It could be a nice way to supplement our incomes.  Thoughts from my fellow pool shark?

Saturday night ended on a high note, not in the least because we didn’t encounter any puke on the commute home.  I woke up bright and early (for me) on Sunday and, after finding a spectacular deal on two pair of shoes (I’m not much of a shopper but I do appreciate a great price) I topped off my eventful weekend with an afternoon at my all-time favorite place in the city.  That’s right, the Field Museum.

I won’t get into a huge description of my trip there, mostly because I already did that in a post back in November or December.  I will say that I was able to catch the Diamond Exhibit once last time before it closes tomorrow and of course, I managed to hit all of my favorite spots in the museum.  That includes the mummies, who for some reason will always have a special place in my heart.  I could literally stare at their disintegrating wrappings for hours on end (and I almost did on Sunday, until the workers started closing up the museum and kicked me out).  The shrunken young boy you see to the right is there and he’s one of the mummies I always pay a visit to.

As I made my way home from the museum, I was able to help a few families who were obviously tourists find the correct bus route to get them back to their hotel.  I will admit, I administered another self-pat on the back for that.  Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll be an old pro at getting around downtown.  It won’t be for lack of trying, that’s for sure.  I’ll master this city yet!

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