Full of Fall

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Happy Fall!  This is officially my favorite time of the year and my weekend was spent delving into all that this season has to offer.

An apple a day…

Friday night Scott and I kicked everything off by watching Night of the Living Dead…which was as hilarious as it was spooky.  I know we’ll be watching our fair share of scary movies in the weeks to come so this old school black and white classic was a good way to begin.  On Saturday, we went to an Apple Festival in a nearby neighborhood and enjoyed some cider while watching live music, checking out booths and stopping in local stores.  The festival featured apple pizza (I didn’t try it but it did look pretty good), apple beer, apple cider and of course…apples.  Rain had threatened the entire weekend but the weather was actually perfect – crisp, cool and sunny, which allowed me to bust out a light scarf and some old boots.  I’m not huge into fashion but one of the reasons I love living in a climate with seasons is that it gives me the opportunity to change my wardrobe and accessories from to time.

Which is one of the reasons I headed to Target after the Apple Fest.  I walked to work on Friday morning with a light sweater and flip-flops, which I’m sad to say is no longer appropriate clothing for this time of the year.  I was in the market for a new light coat and of course Target never disappoints, so I’m now not so frozen on my morning commute.  The other reason I wanted to swing by the store was to load up on some Halloween decorations…I realize it might be a bit early and all but Scott and I both are fans of decorating and we needed more spider webs and lights to create the mood we were going for.  After pulling out all of our decorations from last year and utilizing a few extension cords and a box of tacks, our apartment became spookified once again.  We even decorated our back balcony and the dinner guests we had over last night seemed more impressed with our Halloween spirit than weirded out by how early we were decorating, so clearly we associate with the right kinds of people.

Sidenote:  Saturday night was also the long-awaited performance of my celebrity crush on SNL and I just want to put it out there that he parodied the stripper film Magic Mike in the opening sequence…meaning he did a strip show of his own.  Pretty much the best SNL ever.  That is all.


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Christmas Tree Down

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And I don’t mean that it has fallen, though it did that twice during its duration in my living room this winter.  The first time was because I got the lights tangled around my large clumsy feet, which I didn’t realize until the tree was on the floor and numerous ornaments had been smashed.  That was fun to clean up, especially since I was slightly inebriated and quite sleepy when it happened.  The second time it fell it didn’t actually fall all the way – my hell cat jumped over it and I managed to catch it right before it hit the ground.  I was pretty proud of that deft maneuver but of course no one but the cat was around to appreciate it.  Story of my life.


Anyway, my tree is officially dismantled and back in the storage unit in my basement.  I truly love the cozy glow that Christmas lights give off and I never want to take down my decorations but all good things must come to an end.  Last night I realized that I wasn’t going to have much time to devote to deconstructing Christmas over the next few weeks and that if it was going to get done before Valentine’s Day, it needed to be taken care of soon.  Now I have what feels like a large hole in my heart living room and my mantle seems unbearably bare.  And seeing how the next major holiday is one that, as a single, I won’t really be celebrating, it looks like my apartment will be sans decorations of any kind until St. Patrick’s Day.  And who decorates for that?  What I really mean is Halloween.  I suppose I could decorate for my birthday but I wouldn’t really know how to do that (unless I found some pinatas).  Besides, I walk around in my birthday suit enough and that has to count for something.

Have I mentioned that I love living alone?  I doubt any roommates would’ve allowed me to keep up the tree as long as I did and while some may or may not be okay with me walking around in the buff, I prefer to keep my nudity where only I can see it.  And while it makes me sad to think I won’t be decorating this current apartment ever again (I’ll be moved out long before Halloween), perhaps I can create a new holiday and decorate for that.  Arbitrary Day, anyone?  Bring it on!

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