I Put a Spell on You!

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And now you’re mine!

So, going out last night was actually a lot of fun.  We may have not had the best costumes (I settled for hockey player and Scott just wore a Walking Dead t-shirt) but no one really cared about get-ups.  There were people everywhere and just standing on the street and watching was pretty entertaining.  Boystown is a fun place any night of the year but particularly more so on Halloween, so I’m glad we made the trip.  I met up with some old college friends and new Chicago buddies and we danced around for hours while enjoying $1 well drinks.



The Hocus Pocus drag show was everything I hoped it would be and I sang along to my heart’s content.  The “I Put a Spell on You” song is perhaps the song that Hocus Pocus is best known for and they totally rocked it (as seen by the picture – and yes, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character is black.  This is a progressive club, ya’ll).  The drag queen playing Kathy Najimy’s character even sang a rendition of “Oh Maria” from Sister Act that brought down the house.  It was pretty clever to mash one actress across two movies and apparently I remembered almost every word to that song because I found myself singing along there as well!  I think Scott was impressed with my singing and dancing abilities because he’s never really seen them before, since club-hopping isn’t something we usually do.  And if he wasn’t impressed – well, he should have been.

We stayed at the club until 1am or so, then I stopped with Scott so he could get some late night Thai on our walk home from the train.  It was probably 2 or later before I got to bed (I don’t know for sure because I refused to look at the clock at that point) and I gotta admit, that’s the absolute latest I’ve stayed up on a work night in years.  But it was SO worth it.  We all had a blast and even though I’m paying for it with yawns and a semi-queasy stomach today, I’m really glad we went.  I’m also glad Halloween only comes once a year!

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Market Daze

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Market Days is the biggest street festival in the Midwest and it takes place here in Chicago – Boystown, to be exact.  For those two days, over 300,000 gay-friendly people crowed the streets for music, food, shopping and of course, people watching.  The whole thing spans six city blocks and features three stages and over 40 musical guests.  An old roommate from college came in town this weekend and stayed with a girl we used to live with back in the day, and I met the two of them plus a few others  Saturday night for the craziness that is Market Days.  We tried to see the Wilson Phillips show but there were SO MANY people everywhere we went that we didn’t even get close.  At one point I felt like those people who rush the doors of Wal-Mart on Black Friday morning, it was so sweaty and cramped.  We bailed from that scene pretty quickly and found some breathing room at a nearby house party before venturing back into the crowd.

I saw a big group of nearly naked men and women playing the largest game of Twister I’ve ever seen, and even though I never saw who was the last one standing, I think they all went home winners.  There were tons of drag queens walking around in various states of undress, with some of them looking better than others.  Countless couples and people just trying to hook up walked the streets and it was so crowded many of them wound up carrying the dogs they brought because there were simply too many feet around for the poor pooches (though why you would bring your dog to one of the biggest and wildest street fests in the city is beyond me).  I saw fighting and making up, plus plenty of making out.  And I saw a LOT of skin:

Dancing a go-go!

Dancing a go-go!

Some of the popular clubs had entire facades built into the street and featured bars on the lower level with dancing dudes in teeny tiny underwear on the upper levels.  This is the most work-safe photo I had but you can see how big the structure was.  The later the night got the more my friends and I thought we could dance better than the guys being paid to do so, but alas we never climbed to the top to find out.

Market Days is definitely a little different from the other street fests I’ve been too but it was cheaper and just as fun.  I know that kind of scene isn’t for everyone but it was absolutely entertaining to me.  I wasn’t as drunk (read: I had one beer) as every single other person out there seemed to be but I had a good time anyway and likely felt better than all those other people the next day.  I know I felt better than the gang I went with because I had brunch with them all the next morning and they were hurting.

The season of street fests is winding down and I think this one went out with a bang (no pun intended…well, not entirely intended).  Long live dancing and queens!

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Girl’s Night Out

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This weekend, I went to my second ever bachelorette party.  The only one I’d ever been to before (which I’m pretty sure I blogged about at some point) was a couple of years ago when a group of girls and I went out in Indianapolis for a night of pizza and hanging out a bar.  It was fun and low-key, but low-key was definitely something Saturday night’s party was not!

There were six of us besides the bride-to-be and most of them met for manicures in the late afternoon.

This is honestly the tamest photo from the evening.

This is honestly the tamest photo from the evening.

I had a previous commitment (not to mention budget restrictions) so I met them all at the tail end of their session and we headed back to a downtown hotel, where we had booked a suite for the night.  We commenced with doing our hair and make-up while drinking wine and champagne, then grabbed a cab and went to BIN 36, a wine and tapas bar near the House of Blues.  The drinks were good (especially their J&J cocktail, which of course we had to order since the lady of the hour and her fiance both have names that start with the letter ‘J’) as was the other small plates that we ordered, but to be honest a tapas restaurant isn’t the best plan for dinner before a night of heavy drinking.  Luckily I had figured that beforehand and had a sandwich before meeting up, so all was good.

After dinner, we headed to a nightclub where they were supposed to be featuring a male revue.  Apparently they moved it at the last minute so we hailed another cab and went to Lincoln Park, where the show was in full swing.  Now, the only male strippers I’ve ever seen were in the French Quarter in New Orleans and to be honest, my memory of that evening is somewhat hazy at best.  I don’t know what I was expecting but this show was raunchy as hell and surprised me just a bit.  And I’m not easily surprised.  We bought our friend a lap dance and the guy literally picked her up and threw her on a bed that was in the VIP area we were sitting in, then proceeded to hump her face and grind on places I didn’t even know where grindable.  It was pretty hilarious, to be honest.  Other men were walking around and dancing for the hoards of screaming women in the seats while a different guy was dancing on stage while utilizing chairs and other props.  It was all very…entertaining…but I kept my money to myself and only spent it on drinks throughout the evening.  Once the show was over the whole place turned into a nightclub, which promptly reminded me how much I hate clubs to begin with.  While the immediate company was great and we had fun dancing, the music was horrible and the drinks were overpriced.  At one point I laughed in some guy’s face after he came up behind me, put his hands on my hips and dropped some horrible line.  I think he got the point.

We were going to go to another club after we left the first one but there was a line out the door and it was roughly 5 degrees, so we headed back to the hotel.  We ordered a huge, greasy pizza (the smartest move of the evening, in my opinion), opened another bottle of wine and played a revealing game of Never Have I Ever.  No purses or stomach contents were lost and we all had a good time so I’d say it was a successful evening all around!  And who knows, perhaps even the over-muscled, grabby dude I laughed at found love that evening.


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Weekend in Review

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This was one of those weekends that made me glad to be alive.  Okay honestly most weekends are pretty great simply due to the fact that I’m not working but these past few days were a bit more exciting than others and I’m going to do a bit of a recap here (mostly so I can look back at this while in the depth of winter and remind myself why I live in this city in the first place).

Friday evening was spent with the bf dancing at Chicago Summerdance, a free dance session in Grant Park.

Dancin' Fools

We tried to attend this last week but my horrid sense of direction led us to Millennium Park instead, where we watched a free classical concert while sitting on our butts.  This week we made it to the right place and were treated to zydeco music and the Cajun 2-step (appropriate since I have Cajun heritage and rather enjoy zydeco).  There was an instructor who taught the crowd the steps and then everyone basically danced around in a big circle and tried not to hurt each other.  I’m proud to say that we succeeded and while I won’t be appearing on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon, we got a kick out of it and had a great time.  There were people there of all ages and other groups sat around in chairs or on blankets and watched everyone else trip over their own feet.  It was an eclectic looking bunch but I think everyone had a ball.

I wonder how much the pilots had to train before they quit throwing up in their helmets

I spent Saturday morning doing my docent stuff at the Field Museum, where I also managed to complete 2/3 of a script I’m working on for the new tour I’m putting together.  Besides that, I reunited a little lost girl with her father and gave hand-written directions to “that restaurant where the servers are mean to you” to some lady tourist and her family.  I then braved the rain and a massive amount of Cubs fans on a non-airconditioned train ride where I had an elderly man check me out and ask about the scar on my leg.  I told him it was from a knife fight in 8th grade.  10 minutes after going underground on the train I was back outside and shocked to see blue skies and sunshine, where misery and water had been just before.  This worked out well as the Chicago Air and Water Show was scheduled to go on and I was able to meet with my guy and some of his friends for a trip to the beach, where we had front row seats for the action in the sky.  It was pretty cool and after the show we all went to Zapatista for a hugely glorious Mexican meal that left me wanting to take a nap.  Seriously, the guacamole was some of the best I’ve ever had.  Once we were nearly comatose we decided it would be a great idea to swing by Mollys Cupcakes for dessert.  I’ve heard of these pricey treats before but had never had one myself and while I was skeptical at shelling out near $5 for a single cupcake, in the end I had to admit it was worth it.  That thing was simply amazing.

As Seen on Rachel Ray

Seriously, just look at it.  This was the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake (and I actually managed to savor it instead of simply inhaling it like I originally planned).  Yes, we bought milk to go with.  The store itself was cute too and there were actual wooden swings at the counter.  They were unfortunately chained to the ground and while I quickly saw how to unhook them I decided against getting thrown out my first time there.  So we just enjoyed the cupcakes instead and then we really felt comatose.  Which is probably why I spent the rest of the evening laying on the couch and becoming even more addicted to The Sopranos (yes I know I’m roughly a decade late on the trend here but better late than never, right?).


Sunday was spent sleeping off my food hangover, having some phone conversations with family and old friends and working on my magazine stuff for next month, as I have a deadline this week.  I may or may not have mentioned that they’ve had me doing video blogs in correlation with my articles lately and that is a trip in itself.  I’m not entirely comfortable on camera so they typically take a while to shoot and I can’t have anyone else over while I’m working on it because I’m already so awkward as it is.  I managed to get everything finished with enough time for a trip to Target left over.  After a dinner of butternut squash and spinach ravioli, I spent a while trying to turn back time so I didn’t have to wake up for work Monday but my time-turning abilities must be slacking because Monday is as Monday does.

I know the work week probably won’t be comparable to my weekend any time soon but it’s a nice day and I have Reese Ice Cream in my freezer at home so things could be worse.  For instance, I could be allergic to cupcakes.

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Functional Fashion

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When my mom came in town this past weekend, she came bearing gifts.  It’s not unusual for her to bring me snacks and wine but this trip brought something the likes of which I’ve never seen.

This is my life.

These are As Seen On TV mop slippers.  They do exactly what you think they do and the little mop type apparatus on the bottom is stuck to the rest of the slipper with Velcro, which makes it easy to disassemble and wash.  Because we know how much I love doing laundry.

Oh, how I laughed when I was presented with these.  But in the interest of pure honesty I should admit that I’ve worn them almost every day since they arrived.  Not even to necessarily clean my apartment either – these things are great for sliding around on the wood floors and turning wild dance moves in my kitchen.  Mom suggested I put Pledge on the bottom to really shine the floors but I suspect she actually just wanted me to bust my ass.

She didn’t get to see that happen but as my grace and dexterity can’t hold up forever, I’m sure my neighbors will soon be treated to quite the flailing show.

At least my floors will look nice.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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Because if you lived above me I wouldn’t have to deal with the guy who does now.

Me in 40 years

Perhaps you remember me writing of him before.  He leaves food in the hallway more often than he should – in fact, when I got home last night there was a candy wrapper in front of my door.  As it was late and I hadn’t eaten in a very long time, having an empty candy wrapper greet me was not what I was in the mood for and I think the words that slipped from my mouth expressed that.  Anyway, it is now 8:15 on Saturday morning and I’m listening to loud Mexican music coming through my ceiling.  And I’m pretty the guy blaring it is jumping rope.

Being a larger dude, this is creating some noise (if he’s not jumping rope maybe he’s dancing?) and I’m not too thrilled.  I have been listening to the sounds coming from his apartment for almost two years now and I hope my next apartment is on the top floor.  I can remember when I first moved in and he would be walking around in his place – it sounded so much like someone was in my kitchen that I would go out and check (sometimes armed) to make sure I was alone. It’s also common for his commotion to make things in my apartment shake.  He’s that loud.

Since I’m already awake, here’s a list of things that I think my upstairs neighbor does on a regular basis:

  • Restores and transports bowling balls
  • Drops books on the floor from high places
  • Moves furniture
  • Practices for Stomp
  • Drags around dead bodies
  • Falls out of bed
  • Plays Mexican music
  • and now jumps rope and/or breakdances

The frustrating thing is that I’m pretty sure most of this racket is actually made from him going about his daily routine.  Which makes me wonder how loud my cat running around, vacuum cleaning and dancing sound to the woman below me.  Uh oh.  She’s never said anything but then I’ve never said anything to the man upstairs either…well, at least not about the noise.  We’ve exchanged pleasantries and he seems perfectly nice, plus he’s held the door open for me once or twice and I appreciate that.  He may be loud and messy but at least I don’t actually live with him.

And wait!  What’s that?  Silence.  The music and jumping have stopped.  Since I have no idea how long this will last I’m going to try and go back to sleep while I can!

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