The Single Life

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Ah, Valentine’s Day.  While I’d like to bitch and moan about how this holiday was created by corporate American in order to turn a profit between Christmas and Easter, in reality it’s been celebrated since 496 AD. That means that for hundreds and hundreds of years, singles have been made even more acutely aware of their relationship status on the 14th day of the shortest month of the year.

Not that I’m bitter.  Oh no.  In fact, this holiday makes me want to celebrate by running into a park and shooting arrows at unsuspecting couples.  However, I don’t want to usurp Cupid’s job so I’ll leave the shooting to him.

Cupid gets the point

Technically, this is the first Valentine’s Day in something like 13 years that I wasn’t dating anyone.  Since this is by my own volition I don’t really mind, though it does make me roll my eyes even harder at the candy and hearts displays bursting forth from every aisle at the grocery stores and Target.  It also makes me question my desire to be single…in fact, this is something I go back and forth on almost a daily basis.  I miss the intimacy of having a partner, of having someone who genuinely cares about what goes on in my life on a day to day basis and always has my back.  I miss having a built in buddy for movies, dinners and events around town.  I miss having someone help me carry my groceries up three flights of stairs.  However, I love having my independence and time to myself and I truly enjoy living my life without really taking into consideration how it’s going to affect anyone else.  I also love having a huge queen sized bed to myself every night.  Besides all that, I loathe the idea of dating.  Why would I want to rehash my entire life story to some stranger on a regular basis?  Perhaps I’d like it better if, on first dates, we could just exchange the Cliff Notes versions of ourselves and get it over with.  In other words, I think I’m too lazy for dating. So what’s a single girl to do?

Yup, stay single.  I don’t really have time for dating anyway (or at least that’s what I’ll continue to tell myself).  I do, however, have time to take advantage of the candy sales that will be starting tomorrow.  I also have time for target practice.  Now if only I can find my arrow…

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