Red Hot

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I went to my first rooftop Cub’s game on Saturday with my mom, sister and sister’s boyfriend and it was awesome.  The Cubs were playing the Cincinnati Reds and since that’s a favorite team of both my mom and my sister, I rooted against my local guys and wore red myself.  Then I turned red, as I got super incredibly sunburned.  More on that proof of my own idiocy later.

So the rooftop game was pretty cool.  I’ve been to Wrigley Field a couple of times and while there’s nothing like watching a ball game from one of the oldest stadiums in the country, the rooftop thing wasn’t a bad deal.  We payed a flat price for all you could eat snacks and all you could drink beer/wine and when you consider the $8 PBR’s in Wrigley Field, I think we may have come out ahead.  I was a little worried about a lack of vegetarian food but they had pizza, chips, veggie burgers and cookies so I was all set.  There were plenty of beers to choose from too and I stuck with Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy throughout the afternoon.  All of that was well and good, plus there was a ballgame going on that I guess I should mention.  I’m the type of fair weather sports fan that much prefers a live game over anything else so this was more fun for me than sitting in a bar with a TV ever could have been.  The Reds wound up beating the Cubs (in fact, they did that all three games in the series) and since the ratio of Cubs to Reds fans on the rooftop was about even, it was fun for everyone.  There were some really entertaining people in the crowd too, including a few bachelor/bachelorette parties featuring super drunk brides and grooms-to-be.  Of course, drunken shenanigans is nothing new where Cubs games are concerned!



And now, the sunburn…the weather was calling for rain and clouds all day Saturday so imagine our surprise when the sun came out a little after the game got started.  Since we were sitting on a roof, there wasn’t really any shade.  I realized I should’ve brought some sunscreen about halfway through the game and by the time it was over and we found another bar, I was completely fried.  As was my sister, so at least I don’t feel too bad (you should’ve seen us trying to hug each other goodbye…).  I thought I learned my lesson last year after I got scorched on St. Patrick’s Day but noooOOOooo.  I will now be carrying sunscreen with me everywhere I go until at least November.  Seriously, this hurts.  My left arm is the one that was directly in the sun and I can barely move it.  The part in my hair got burned so my hair hurts.  I skipped the gym yesterday and am not real sure I should attempt it today since it pretty much pains me to exist right now.  I am taking full responsibility for my stupidity and dumbassness and here’s hoping I’ve learned my lesson once and for all.  And if I wind up with another burn like this anytime in the next few years, I give everyone reading this full permission to smack me.

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Yes, I Live Here

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Ah, the Chicago Tourist

Nothing makes me feel like a true Chicagoan more than helping confused and befuddled tourists find their way around the city.  It’s not often that I happen to know exactly where I’m at and how to get someone else to their place of interest so I’m always excited when it happens.  Yesterday provided me with two opportunities to help out those new to the area and I must admit, I felt pretty proud for getting them to where they needed to go.

The first couple in question followed me off the Metra train as I made my way to the bus for my doctor’s appointment.  They were going to the Cubs game and since my stop was on their way, we chatted as we waited for the bus.  They were more than impressed with the bus tracker on my phone (ooooo, ahhhhh) and asked a few questions about my life in the “big city”.  They were from the far north ‘burbs and had never been to Wrigley Field before, so I was excited for them.  We talked until I got off the bus and they thanked me profusely for helping them on their merry way.

Which way?

After my appointment, I stopped by my apartment for a quick wardrobe change and then met up with a lovely lady friend at Blue Line Lounge and Grill.  I know I’ve mentioned this place one or twice and their $5 martini’s and half off appetizers on Wednesday nights are very nice indeed.  After my friend and I caught up over a few drinks, it was time to make my way home.  As I stepped on the L, an extremely inebriated couple got on behind me.   The guy was a little worse for the wear than his lady counterpart and they looked as intimidated as a little boy lost in the lingerie section of a department store.  They weren’t even sure what train they were on but somehow they had managed to stumble into the one they needed and after I informed them of that they started asking me the first typical tourist question, “Do you live here?”  This was their first time on any sort of public transit and I could tell the guy was regretting his last few drinks as the train swerved and dipped along.  After they asked me the same set of questions a few times in a row and memorized the directions I gave them that would get them home, they both went to that state of half-consciousness that drunks on the L are so often in.  They woke up enough to tell me thanks when I departed and I can only hope they made it home from there.

Yup, I mentally patted myself on the back for getting these fine tourists around.  And yes, I did so correctly and without any mean city-girl bullshitting.  If I know enough to help a tourist out then I’m more than happy to do so, especially because I still sometimes ask people on the street for directions myself.  I will probably continue to get myself turned around here for years but every time I can help a tourist I feel a bit more confident in my navigating abilities, and an angel gets its wings.  Win win all around!

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