Fantastic Field Day

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The students of Chicago Public Schools officially began their summer vacation last Tuesday, on June 21st. That seems pretty late in the game but they started school fairly early this year so apparently it all balances out and they’re now enjoying all of the perks that summer has to offer. In an effort to help them end their school year on a bang, a group of coworkers and I put together a Field Day for one of the more economically-challenged schools in the city – and it worked, because we all had a blast!

For those of you who have never experienced a Field Day (or who are too old to remember!), it’s basically a giant party to celebrate the end of the school year. My team and I brought about 85 coworkers along for the ride and we had a popcorn maker, cotton candy machine, huge grill serving up hot dogs and hamburgers, an obstacle course, basketball hoops, sack racing, (fake) tattooing station and even a station where you could throw a pie in someone’s face. Needless to say, the kids (aged pre-K through 8th grade) had a pretty great time. It was warm and sunny but that’s better than cold and rainy so we were smiling through our sweat! We even had the head of our department come out with his wife and they spent a good few hours simply picking up trash and helping with the behind-the-scenes logistics. And of course, they played with the kids too!


Not our kids but we did use that exact obstacle course set!

This school would not have been able to afford to put on such a Field Day without our help and I feel so grateful to work for a company that does more than just lip service when it comes to giving back to the community. We even donated all of the toys and games we bought so they could use them next year! Unfortunately, they don’t get to keep the popcorn and cotton candy machines but who knows – maybe we’ll be back to celebrate the end of another school year with them in 2017!

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