Foodie Friday

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Scott’s the baker in our household.  I’m perfectly happy grabbing a package of Oreos to satisfy my sweet tooth but he’s a little more health conscious than I am and doesn’t always have the best reaction to dairy so he often makes dairy-free desserts at home.  Which is more than fine by me, not going to lie.  But when he told me he was making a peanut butter and chocolate silk pie using tofu, I was not too excited.

Tofu is something that I enjoy eating if it’s been cooked properly in the right dish.  It’s not something I really like cooking myself because I seem to wind up with a tasteless blob that otherwise ruins a perfectly good meal.  However when it’s done right, it can be a really awesome source of protein and can be quite tasty too boot.  That said, I really didn’t think it would go well in a dessert.  But Scott ignored my trepidation and used a recipe similar to the one below to create something that shut me up for good:


  • 16 ounces soft (silken) tofu
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter

    Not the exact pie he made (because we ate it) but it looked just like this.

  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tbsp soy milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 pre-made pie crust


Combine the tofu, peanut butter, sugar, soy milk and vanilla in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth.

Spoon into the pie shell. Refrigerate at least 2 hours and serve.

Recipe courtesy of, though the exact recipe he used was found in a vegan cookbook my sister bought him for Christmas.

I digress.

Obviously the recipe is pretty easy and the hardest part was convincing myself to try a bite when it came out of the fridge, even though Scott assured me it was delicious.  And truth be told, he was right.  It.  Was.  Delicious.  If I hadn’t known it had tofu in it I never would have believed it and the peanut butter and chocolate on the top of the graham cracker crust melted in my mouth.  It instantly became a new favorite dessert and Scott completely agreed.  Who knows, maybe we’ll sneak it into a family function and see what everyone else thinks before revealing the ingredients!

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Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut…

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and sometimes all I really want is a huge bar of chocolate to carry with me as a super awesome sidekick everywhere I go.  Today is one of those days.

Female related hormonal issues have nothing little to do with this.  My craving for chocolate didn’t really hit me until I stepped off the train this morning and headed into the office, as it wasn’t until then that I was smacked straight in the face with that delicious smell.  That’s because Blommers Chocolates is in downtown Chicago and exists solely to torture hard-working citizens as they make their way into their buildings for another day of drudgery on the job.  I smell this tempting treat on the days that the wind blows in just the right direction and while it causes me to briefly pretend I’m living with Willie Wonka, I know my reality is a grumbling stomach and a watering mouth.  I’m just thankful I can’t smell these smells from the comfort of my own home or I’d really lose my mind.  A friend of mine once lived just down the street from the chocolate factory (is there any other pair of words as sweet as this?) and it was tortuous to walk by there when I went to visit her.  I can’t imagine living there and never being able to escape that delicious aroma.

Although I guess all in all, encountering such a smell isn’t a horrible way to start a Monday.

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Let Me Eat Cake!

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The countdown has begun – my birthday is in exactly one week.  Yes, there will be posts documenting the event.  However, my birthday is not the reason that one of my lovely friends came over and baked me this cake earlier this week.  She did that because I was in a crappy mood and craving chocolate (read: PMS) and she’s a very nice person.  Who likes to bake cakes.

I have awesome friends.

I know this thing looks ridiculously indulgent and unhealthy but it’s actually not that bad for you (at least, that’s what we told ourselves while digging into it with forks).  And yes, those are two gooey chocolate-y layers there.  It’s some Chinese spongecake recipe (as my friend is originally from China, it only seemed appropriate) and doesn’t contain any sugar at all, which is good because it has been my late night snack every night this week.  It was just what the doctor ordered and I plan on finishing it off tonight, which will be a great way to start my weekend.

Just what does my weekend hold in store for me?  Oh, the usual.  Vet visits and research time at the Field Museum.  I’m going to try to knock out all of my errands this weekend so I can enjoy birthday shenanigans all next week.  Truthfully, I celebrate my birthday the entire month of February because it’s such a sucky month otherwise.  Next Friday will involve happy hour drinks atop the Hancock Tower and a gender-bending burlesque show at a gay bar – obviously it will be a grand time.  My sister is also coming up with some friends and she’s even renting us a swanky hotel downtown for the occasion – WHICH I just realized has an indoor pool.  This birthday thing really does have its perks!

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