It’s Raining Babies!

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And thankfully none of them are mine!

I feel like I make these posts every so often, where I talk about how every single person I know is pregnant. This is another one of those posts because once again I’m surrounded by pregnant people! Or pregnant women, more specifically.


I haven’t planted any babies so that means I won’t get pregnant, right?

One of my closest coworker friends is pregnant with her third child right now, as are three of our other coworkers and one of my bosses. Two of these five pregnant co-workers sit directly next to me and all are due around the same time so I’m hearing lots and lots about this whole pregnancy thing . Also, over the weekend Scott’s little sister announced that she’s pregnant with her first child! This means we’ll have another little niece or nephew to spoil, since my brother-in-law and his wife have a two-year-old son too. On top of that, one of my closest friends in Chicago is trying for her second kid and one of my closest friends from high school is also trying to get knocked up – while our other high school BFF just had her first kid around Christmas. SO MANY BABIES!

You may think this is giving me baby fever but, even though we’re moving into a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor as compared to our one-bedroom pad on the third floor, I am in no way trying to get pregnant too. After all, I have enough kids around me to keep up without popping out one of my own!

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Read All About It!

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The company I work for is probably the best company I’ve ever worked for and we do things every day that make me proud to be here. Case in point: we partner with two nonprofit organizations every two years and then dole out a significant amount of money during that time to help them achieve goals and visions that they would not be able to afford to do otherwise. One of the organization’s we’re working with right now collects and distributes books to at-risk kids in Chicago with the goal of giving every child 12 books to take home to keep and use to start their very own personal library. We’re supporting them not just monetarily but through many different service days and activities. I’m acting as the liaison between our company and the nonprofit and I have a big hand in putting the events together and pulling them off – it hasn’t been easy but it has been fun! If you know me, you know I’m quite fond of both kids and books so I feel lucky to be a part of this. We held a Book Drive during the month of June and collected over 2,000 books, which was awesome! Now I’m working on five different days where we’re taking volunteers from our office to different Chicago Public Libraries to literally hand out these books to the kids who come through. We had our first of five events this week and it was AWESOME!


Not kids from our service day but you get the idea

Apparently, on an average day the nonprofit gives out about 2,000 books to the kids who come through. Well, our first day working with them was quite the initiation as it was the busiest day they expect all year – we passed out over 7,000 books to over 600 kids! It was a super hectic day full of organized chaos and it was really incredible. Our volunteers worked very hard and we had two shifts coming via shuttle to lend a hand. The children we spent time with were so thrilled to be receiving books and there were a few moments where some of us got teary-eyed as we saw just how excited these kids were and how meaningful these books were to them. So many couldn’t believe they got to keep them and that they were free – I was even given a large “Thank You” banner signed by one particular group of kids and I won’t lie, my eyes definitely didn’t stay dry for that!

We have four more distribution days we’re a part of and managing sign-ups, lunches, shuttles and everything else is definitely keeping me busy but it is absolutely worth it. And just one more reason why I love my job!


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Baby Fever

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Apologies to my mom and sister but this is not a post about me wanting children.

Babies sure do seem to be everywhere, though. A good friend of mine from college is due with her first child in about two weeks, so that countdown has begun. A cousin of mine gave birth to her second child, a little girl, on Friday, then a woman I work with at the Field Museum announced her pregnancy on Saturday. On Sunday, Scott and I went to the ‘burbs to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of his mom and sister-in-law but unfortunately there were no newborn babies in attendance. We had snacks, pizza and cake then the two birthday girls started opening presents, which seemed to be the most exciting part of the afternoon. The last card Scott’s mom opened was addressed to “#1 Grandma”, which registered with everyone about 20 seconds after she opened it. Scott’s brother and his wife are expecting the first grandchild for the entire family, and since they had always said they weren’t going to have children it came as quite a shock for everyone! The have quite a few reptiles as pets and we all honestly thought that they were announcing the pregnancy of one of their chameleons or something. Once we figured out they were talking about a human baby, we all immediately got tears in our eyes and Scott’s dad went out to the balcony where he started to shout “I’m going to be a grandpa!” It was pretty much the best birthday present his mom could’ve asked for and even Scott was teary-eyed at the thought of becoming an uncle. So I guess I’ll be kind of like an aunt? Even if that’s not official I shall make this child address me by that title because I just plain want to be an aunt (hear that, sissy? Maybe for my birthday next year? You always give such great gifts and a niece or nephew would top them all!)

If I smear the blood of a stork on my door, does that mean babies will pass over me like something out of the Bible?

This is also great because it relieves some of the pressure that Scott’s sister and I had been facing about when we were going to have children of our own. Whew! With this new little one on the horizon, we all have plenty that will hold our attention.

But I still wouldn’t mind if my sister had a baby!

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When Life Hands You Lemons

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I walked through my neighborhood on Sunday to go visit a nearby friend and as I did, I encountered something I don’t think I’ve seen since I moved to Chicago.  A lemonade stand.  Did I suddenly get transported to Mayberry?


If you look closely, you’ll see a tiny table set up at the end of this sidewalk (which was as close as I could get for a photo without feeling like a creep).  Two little boys sat there and while one was too young to do any talking, the older kid happily told me that I was the first person to walk by their stand since they set it up.  Of course, that meant I had to buy a drink though the fact that it was like 90 outside certainly helped.  I was lucky I actually had some cash on me as I very rarely do and I actually doubled their fee of .50 by letting them keep the change from my dollar.  They had two flavors to choose from and like a true salesman, the little boy told me they were both delicious when I asked which was best.  He then proceeded to pour my drink himself, even though the pitcher was nearly as big as he was.  I offered to help but he insisted and in the end he didn’t spill a drop, though my cup was only filled about a third of the way.  Better than nothing!

While I was being served, a woman driving a car was passing and by the time I left the stand, she had pulled over and was walking over for some lemonade herself.  The couple in lawn chairs in the foreground of the photo were the little boys’ parents and we chatted for a minute before I went on my way.  Their mom thanked me for being a good sport and said again that I was their first customer – I told her that it made my day and I was glad to help.  I never had a lemonade stand of my own because something like 4 cars would drive down my street in any given week but I did once have one at a friend’s house.  I hope these kids made more than we did because times are tough and they could be saving for a car.  Or their first mortgage.  Regardless, I hope they made a bit of cash and had a lot of fun.  And if they set up shop again, I also hope that they remember to add sugar to their lemonade.



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This weekend marked PRIDE in Chicago and many other cities, and we all had even more to celebrate since the state of New York decided to legalize gay marriage on Friday.  Kudos to them for joining the other five states that have already done so!  Now if we could get the rest of them to catch up we’d be set.  But it’s progress, little by little, and that’s what counts!

Equality Rules!

PRIDE festivities in Chicago are a long-held tradition and this year proved no different.  As I went to a Shakespearean improv comedy show Friday and had Field Museum stuff and dinner plans Saturday, I didn’t get out to Boystown until the Parade on Sunday.  A fried and I made a huge brunch complete with mimosas before heading out and the weather was the most gorgeous I’ve seen in a long time (see – God does love the gays!) so it was a perfect day for the gay ‘ole parade.  We found a spot near some shade and enjoyed float after float full of scantily clad LGBT’s and their straight allies.  There were also floats featuring various organizations, stores, bars, groups and charities.  We got covered in confetti and even had free popsicles!

One thing that really warmed my heart was the sight of so many young couples with their children walking around the parade.  Sure, men wearing little bits of leather over their…well, bits…might deter some people from bringing the kids but the overall theme of tolerance and acceptance prevailed in the end.  Hopefully if we continue to expose younger generations to ideas of acceptance, ignorance and prejudice will be things of the past.  Not to say that hatred still didn’t rear its ugly head during PRIDE – reports of slashed tires on various floats before the parade surfaced later but almost all managed to get up and running before the parade even began.  Take that, haters!

After all, people have the right to be proud of themselves, whoever they are.

Unless you’re the jerk who slashed the tires on the floats, in which case you should be ashamed and should probably go play in some heavy traffic.

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My Office is Great Birth Control

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I’ve had jobs before that had a similar effect as this picture, which was thankfully NOT taken anywhere around my workplace.  Having a job around children tends to make me especially glad that I have yet to procreate, and my current profession provides no exception.  I’m lucky enough to sit in my own office everyday, usually with my back to my door, and so I have minimal contact with the children we help.  Okay, to be honest I like working around them and the fact that we have a steady stream of small people in our center on a daily basis is one of my favorite things about my job.  It makes it more exciting than working for say, an accountant.  Trust me on that one (I once temped for a CPA during tax season and I never want to do it again).  However just because they’re often cute and friendly does not mean that they don’t have the ability to grate on my very last nerve, at least every now and then.  Case in point: boy who screams my name at someone other than myself.

Apparently, it’s a game to run by my coworkers office and yell my name at her.  The first day this happened, I kept looking down the hallway and trying to figure out who needed me and for what.  It appeared to be a mystery until day number two, when I actually caught the kid in the act.  I questioned him about why he was shouting my name at top volume once every 55 minutes and his response was a long stare, a short giggle and a sprint down the hallway.  It has not stopped.  I’m used to it at this point (a mere four weeks later) and so it doesn’t really phase me.  It does, however, make me glad that I can tell this young man goodbye at the end of the day and not have to worry about hearing his shouts for at least another 18 to 20 hours.

Yesterday I witnessed an eight year old boy have a temper tantrum/terrific meltdown in the lobby.  He was adamant that he was NOT going to learn today and we couldn’t make him.  Little did he know I’m a black belt in the art of whooping ass and I swiftly pinned his arms behind his head and convinced him to head to class.  At least, that’s what I wanted to do.  In reality I stood by biting my tongue as his parents bribed him with everything under the sun to get him to go to work (seriously – his choice of new gaming system?  Like this type of bribery isn’t going to backfire down the road…).  This little kid was throwing pillows, slamming doors and telling us to shut up.  As glad as I was that he was not my child, part of me wished he was so I could show him a thing or two about manners.  I know this makes me sound like the crotchety old woman who uses her cane to poke kids off her lawn, but sometimes that old woman is who I relate with the best.

I’ve seen many other temper tantrums and fights in my short time at this office.  I actually got to referee one such instance over the summer, as a teenage boy decided he hated his parents and wanted to conference call them in my office to let them know.  Of course, he pulled my boss in for this and of course it took up my entire morning as well as my phone line.  Days like that are what makes it worth getting out of bed in the morning.

At the end of almost any given day, I really do enjoy working with children.  I always have and chances are I always will.  And one of my very favorite things about working with kids is the fact that I can send them to their respective homes at the end of the day while I go to my apartment and make myself cookies and beer for dinner.  I love being a childless grown-up!

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