September Book Club Review

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Summer caught up with us and we had to reschedule August’s book club to this month, so our meeting was held last Thursday.  We chose to read Elements of Style by Wendy Wasserstein, which was a book that we all pretty much hated.  It was chosen as a light, summer-y chick lit read but it was so banal and annoying that we enjoyed complaining about it more than anything else.  The book centers around a bunch of NYC socialites and their “problems”, which include things like having to stay in the country for their summer vacation and which surgeon does the best lipo.


It was set right after 9/11 so there were some elements of fear in there but mostly these people lived an existence so far-fetched that it was hard to imagine anything real actually affecting them.  The characters were vapid and one-dimensional, though there was one character that was a little more grounded than the others.  I guess she was who we were all supposed to relate to but even her life was beyond my comprehension.  There was all sorts of name brand name dropping, not to mention fancy places that I guess you have to be more rich than me to appreciate.  For a while I assumed all of the restaurants and brands were made up but about halfway through the book I realized they were real and I was too far removed from that lifestyle to understand the references.  The ending was also especially awful, since it took a really morbid turn and people started dying left and right.  Was it a social commentary on the wastefulness of extravagant lifestyles or did the writer simply get lazy and so put off by her own characters that she couldn’t help but kill them ?  I think the latter.

So the book sucked but luckily we had good conversation, good company and good food and drink to keep us entertained.

We met at Revolution Brewery which was a little further south than we usually meet.  I had planned my timing perfectly and would have walked in right as the meeting started but the train I was waiting on decided to run almost a half hour late.  By the time I showed up I was hungry and thirsty, and this was the right restaurant to take care of me.  The beers at this brewery were really good and I stuck with the Coup D’Etat all night long.  I ordered the vegetarian Tempeh Ruben sandwich which had a side of mashed garlic potatoes and came topped with some sort of amazing mayo and veggie sauerkraut.  I won’t pretend to know everything that the sandwich was made of but I can tell you it was delicious.  As in, I could’ve eaten two without so much as a blink.  Thankfully for my wallet and my waistline, I didn’t manage to do that.  However, there’s always next time!


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