Lou Mitchell’s

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As I mentioned yesterday, Mom and I had a fantastic brunch at an apparent Chicago landmark this weekend, Lou Mitchell’s.  This diner has been serving meals since 1923 and boasts being the beginning point of Route 66.  Presidents have dined there and I’m pretty sure Obama was campaigning there not too long ago, so it’s a popular spot.  That was also evidenced by how freaking busy it was at 1pm Saturday.  We didn’t really have to wait very long but the entire place was hopping and stayed that way until we left.  It’s located only a few blocks from my office so of course it’s going to be tempting me every morning but so far I’ve been able to resist.  I know I won’t be able to say that forever, though.

Outdoor seating?! I’ll be back when the weather warms up!

True to authentic diner fashion,  our server had heavy make-up and big, hair-sprayed hair.  She was really nice and as we were being seated, brought us over two donut holes each.  I guess this is one of their trademarks?  The bread there is baked in-house and the donut holes put anything Dunkin Donuts could ever come up with to SHAME.  They were huge and delicious.  We were also given boxes of Milk Duds, because apparently all women and children receive that candy upon entering the establishment.  Trust me, we weren’t complaining.

I ordered a pancake, omelette and side of fried potatoes, all which were served in large portions.  Mom had some egg dish with bacon and raisin toast, which was pretty much the thickest and most savory toast I’ve ever had in my life.  Our waitress kept the coffee flowing and there was delicious maple syrup on the table for me to drench my pancake in.  The entire meal was seriously delicious and just when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite, they brought us free, individual servings of ice cream for desert.  Talk about melting my heart!  And the price was reasonable – I think Mom and I both ate our hearts out for around $30.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I highly recommend this place.  It’s comfortable, tasty and historic so what’s not to like?  Of course, if you’re going to go please let me know.  I can’t think of a better reason to be late to work!


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More Food!

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I love breakfast food.  Seriously love it.  Like, I would eat breakfast for every meal of the day if I could and sometimes I actually do.  The weekends are a great time for me because the wonderful invention of brunch is so prevalent and I certainly know how to make the most of it.  While I always enjoy going out to eat for my breakfast urges (such as recently going to The Chicago Diner and stuffing myself with vegetarian biscuits and gravy….SO GOOD), I’m also fond of cooking in my new and spacious kitchen.  Sunday was one of the days where I felt like cooking so I whipped up the delight below:

Rachel Ray has nothing on me

Yes, I’m aware this looks amazing.  I’m also pleased that the photo turned out a bit better than the last meal I posted.  I know I’m no whiz with the foodie pics – I actually have a friend who I think still reads this blog and she’s a serious food blogger.  Her meals always look fantastic and her pictures are professional quality so I like to imagine her cringing every time I post one of these from my phone.  No matter, you still get the idea.

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received is my Belgian waffle maker.  I have used this thing so many times I’m surprised it still works and I plan on using it until it eventually surrenders to waffle batter and old age.  You can see that the waffles feature heavily in this meal and while I was making them I also cooked some vegetarian sausage links in the oven.  I’ve been told by many meat-eaters that the veggie sausage links are actually tastier than real ones but I’ll leave you to test that out for yourself.  I also whipped up some scrambled eggs that included roasted red and yellow peppers, spinach and a myriad of spices.  Also lots and lots of cheese (both goat and cheddar, since those are what I had on hand).  And I didn’t stop there!  I had fresh bananas and strawberries to compliment the orange juice (thought my Hoosier readers would appreciate that glass) and help me pretend this was a healthy meal.  But when I dumped them on the waffles and added chocolate and regular syrup, the jig was up.  Oh well, it was totally worth it.  Also, you may notice the peanut butter in the pic.  This is because my dad trained me long ago to put it on my waffles and I haven’t looked back since.  Don’t automatically shrink back in disgust either; I’ve turned more than a few people onto this in my day.  Once again, I suggest you taste it for yourself.

So you may have noticed that there is additional plate of food in the background.  That belongs to my…wow this weird to say, let alone write…boyfriend.  That’s right, after nearly two years of relative single-dom, I’m officially off the market once again.  I’ll give you a minute to grieve that loss.  But yeah, I’m seeing a pretty great guy and so far he’s been doing a good job of treating me like the supremely awesome woman that I am.  And he’s a vegetarian so he gets to fully appreciate all of the tasty meals I feature here!  If he’s lucky.  Which, by dating me, he clearly is.

Anyway hope this gives you some cookery ideas – and if you ever make brunch and I’m around, please feel free to give me an invite.  I always have time for breakfast food!

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