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Last Thursday, I attended my first ever hardcore cardio class at the gym.  Called Piloxing, it’s a combination of both boxing and pilates, meshed together in a one hour work out.  And it was not easy.  The instructor we had was a sub for the regular woman and this girl also incorporated  a lot of Zumba/dance type moves into the class.  I’m not going to lie, I looked like Big Bird having an epileptic fit for much of the hour.  I’ve never been the most coordinated person and my sense of rhythm has always been lacking, so it was pretty funny trying to keep up with all these girls who had clearly done this type of class before.  There were a few times I almost fell over and I definitely burst into laughter more than once after catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, but it was still pretty fun.  And apparently these classes can burn up to 800 calories in an hour!

I absolutely did not look like this.

Besides the dance moves, there was a lot of kicking, punching, jabbing and running around.  We also did quite a few ballet poses and holds, which was surprisingly difficult.  I knew the class wouldn’t be easy and it definitely kicked my ass.  As in, I was sore for two days and doing anything that involved using muscles just plain hurt.  But of course, it hurt in a good way.  I was very proud of myself for sticking through the whole class, especially since two girls gave up and left about halfway through.  I didn’t even vomit once, either.  There weren’t too many of us to begin with and I really preferred that, since my flailing attempts at dance could have seriously injured someone had they been too close.

The whole class was a nice change of pace from my usual workout routine and I think I’ll try to incorporate it whenever I can.  If I’m lucky, I won’t feel like the world’s oldest and most arthritic woman after another session or two!

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Tough Stuff

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So, I’m still going to the gym.  Crazy, right?  It’s been something like 9 months and I’ve actually stuck with it this entire time.  In fact, I woke up early on Saturday and went to work out before heading into the museum!  While it’s possible that parasites have invaded my brain, I like to think that I’ve just gotten into a new routine and that it’ll last for a while longer.

Mama said knock you out!

I usually do the same cardio/weights while there but recently I got re-acquainted with a long-lost hobby: boxing.  When I was in high school, I asked for a punching bag for Christmas and was rewarded with 60 lbs of awesomeness that hung in our basement.  I was never really shown how to use it or what form to have but I would wail on that bag to relieve my teenage angst and it was a beautiful thing.  Unfortunately, giant punching bags do not travel easily and it still resides in my mom’s basement.  However, the gym has a bag and after finding some old gloves a few weeks ago, I had a go.  And promptly made my knuckles bleed because I’m either a) a total bad ass or b) unable to properly throw a punch.  It’s probably the latter.  But it helped get out some frustration I was having with one particular co-worker and I felt much better afterwards, bloody knuckles and all!

While I’ll admit I haven’t lost a single pound in all this time, I do believe I can tell a difference in the overall shape and tone of things.  And I’m seeing muscles in places I’ve never seen muscles before, so that’s a bit of inspiration to keep this whole thing up.  Plus I do feel better after my work outs and in a twisted and sadistic sort of way, I look forward to them.  Plus plus, they’re taking the money for my membership each month whether I’m there or not so I might as well use what I pay for.

And my co-worker?  He better hope he never comes across me in a dark alley.

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