Girl’s Night Out

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This weekend, I went to my second ever bachelorette party.  The only one I’d ever been to before (which I’m pretty sure I blogged about at some point) was a couple of years ago when a group of girls and I went out in Indianapolis for a night of pizza and hanging out a bar.  It was fun and low-key, but low-key was definitely something Saturday night’s party was not!

There were six of us besides the bride-to-be and most of them met for manicures in the late afternoon.

This is honestly the tamest photo from the evening.

This is honestly the tamest photo from the evening.

I had a previous commitment (not to mention budget restrictions) so I met them all at the tail end of their session and we headed back to a downtown hotel, where we had booked a suite for the night.  We commenced with doing our hair and make-up while drinking wine and champagne, then grabbed a cab and went to BIN 36, a wine and tapas bar near the House of Blues.  The drinks were good (especially their J&J cocktail, which of course we had to order since the lady of the hour and her fiance both have names that start with the letter ‘J’) as was the other small plates that we ordered, but to be honest a tapas restaurant isn’t the best plan for dinner before a night of heavy drinking.  Luckily I had figured that beforehand and had a sandwich before meeting up, so all was good.

After dinner, we headed to a nightclub where they were supposed to be featuring a male revue.  Apparently they moved it at the last minute so we hailed another cab and went to Lincoln Park, where the show was in full swing.  Now, the only male strippers I’ve ever seen were in the French Quarter in New Orleans and to be honest, my memory of that evening is somewhat hazy at best.  I don’t know what I was expecting but this show was raunchy as hell and surprised me just a bit.  And I’m not easily surprised.  We bought our friend a lap dance and the guy literally picked her up and threw her on a bed that was in the VIP area we were sitting in, then proceeded to hump her face and grind on places I didn’t even know where grindable.  It was pretty hilarious, to be honest.  Other men were walking around and dancing for the hoards of screaming women in the seats while a different guy was dancing on stage while utilizing chairs and other props.  It was all very…entertaining…but I kept my money to myself and only spent it on drinks throughout the evening.  Once the show was over the whole place turned into a nightclub, which promptly reminded me how much I hate clubs to begin with.  While the immediate company was great and we had fun dancing, the music was horrible and the drinks were overpriced.  At one point I laughed in some guy’s face after he came up behind me, put his hands on my hips and dropped some horrible line.  I think he got the point.

We were going to go to another club after we left the first one but there was a line out the door and it was roughly 5 degrees, so we headed back to the hotel.  We ordered a huge, greasy pizza (the smartest move of the evening, in my opinion), opened another bottle of wine and played a revealing game of Never Have I Ever.  No purses or stomach contents were lost and we all had a good time so I’d say it was a successful evening all around!  And who knows, perhaps even the over-muscled, grabby dude I laughed at found love that evening.


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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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What a weekend!  I actually took Monday off to recuperate.  My little sister and mom came in town (late) Thursday night and we spent the next few days enjoying all that Chicago has to offer.  On Friday we met up after work and went to Millennium Park, where we met with Scott and another friend of mine and enjoyed food and beer while listening to classical music.  We had amazing weather all weekend, starting with that night, and it was a great way to end a crappy work week.

Might not have been behind the dugout but these seats were fine with us!

On Saturday we had brunch at one of my favorite spots in the city and then headed to Wrigleyville to watch the Reds beat the Cubs.  I’m not a huge fan either way but I do enjoy watching live sports and I’d only been to Wrigley Field once before so it was a lot of fun.  There were three of us wearing Cubs shirts and my mom stuck out with her Reds one but we were all pretty much just rooting for everyone.  We had a hat full of nachos that was so humongous that the guy in front of us asked for a photo and then we were pretty much kicked out of the park at the end because we were having such a ball that we didn’t want to leave.  But leave we did, and wandered to a bar for some more brews and of course, more snacks.  Saturday evening ended with a nice walk through my neighborhood, getting locked out of my apartment twice (more on that later this week) and watching a movie before bedtime.

Since Mom and Sis left on Monday, we had all of Sunday to enjoy as well.  We had yet another delicious brunch and then went to the beach so we could all have our food comas while enjoying the cloudy but still decent weather.  My sister hadn’t been to the beaches up here before so I’m glad we got to go and I’m also glad it wasn’t 100 degrees and extremely sunny.  After the beach we went to Retro on Roscoe, a street fest in nearby Roscoe Village.  My sister and I bought a couple of items and were finally able to exchange birthday presents (mine is in February and hers in May) so now we don’t owe each other a damn thing.  I gave her a nice drawing of Chicago to frame and hang in her living room and she bought me this super awesome, classy looking pocket-watch/necklace.  I’ve kind of always wanted a pocket watch so when I saw this one (yes, it works!), things all came together.  And now neither of us owes the other a gift until Christmas!  After the street fest we met with a girlfriend of mine for one last beer out on the town and then ended the night with a chick flick.

They left yesterday around noon and after picking up my apartment for a bit, I spent the rest of my day off on the couch.  It was much needed.  Actually, I also spent a little bit of time at the gym because after all the food and beer, that was much needed too.  It’s not easy coming back to work after a long weekend and a long weekend full of my favorite people and favorite places makes it even harder.  I’m just thankful it was all as fun as we hoped it would be and I’m already looking forward to their next visit!  That and of course the fact that I’ll be in Ecuador in three weeks!!

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Thanksgiving Recap

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My Thanksgiving was eventful, as always.  If you think you can handle it, I broke it down into a ginormous list – sorry if it hurts your eyes but once I got going I couldn’t stop!

The food was good, the company was better and we managed to fit more into the long weekend than I would have thought possible.  This included, but was not limited to, the following:  Meeting four new additions to the family that aren’t blood related; continuing family traditions such as drinking at the dive bar known as Fluidz the night we all arrived in town; cramming 15 people around various dining room tables and chairs for the main meal; eating so much food I thought my stomach was going to explode in a bloody Alien-esque scene; making two trips to Wal-Mart (two more than what I usually do in any given year); dyeing my hair for the first time in four years from a box purchased on one of the said trips to Wal-Mart; making a mess of the hair dyeing process and ultimately loving the new look; sleeping next to my sister three nights in a row while trying in vain to block out the television that she seems to be unable to sleep without; kicking myself for not bringing my ear plugs and eye mask; watching the Macy’s Day Parade and being thankful for not being anywhere near those crowds; drinking Jager Bombs and making S’mores around a fire (they do not go well together, in case you were wondering); taking photo’s of my 54-year old uncle’s hickey; driving my grandma’s Lincoln Navigator just a tad faster than what was legal; opening gifts from my grandmother with my other female cousins that all looked remarkably sexy and indecent (made for an awkward few moments until we figured out what the garment was); driving into New Orleans and staying at a 125 year-old hotel in the French Quarter; navigating various elevators that would only take us to certain floors because the hotel has been built onto so many times that it is now an official labyrinth; hearing ridiculously cheesy pick up lines all night long (including the old standby “What’s a girl like you doing here on a night like this”); having an eerily interesting palm reading done by the same guy at Marie Laveau’s  House of Voodoo that read me two years ago and hearing much of the same thing (only this time I’ll be married in a year instead of three…); getting lost in the lap-dance area of a strip club; voluntarily eating meat for the first time in almost 15 years in order to get an hour’s worth of free drinks out of my sister (it was a piece of fried crawfish and I managed to drink $40 of booze in that 60 minutes…also it will probably be another 15 years before I eat any more seafood); watching men on the sidewalk try to decipher drag queens from real women; more bar hopping than I’ve done in years and two hungover plane rides back that included horrid turbulence, screaming children, late departures, no time for transfers during my layover, lost luggage, hitching a ride on the old folks’ golf cart thingy, being the last person to make it on my connecting flight and uttering the words “Jesus Christ” at the end of it all only to be told by an airport official “Tis the season for that”.

The Big Easy can sure take a lot out of you

There were some other occurrences but I think this gives you a fair picture of what my holiday was like.  It’s a good thing it only rolls around once a year because I don’t know if I could handle this much excitement more often than that but I will admit that it would be fun to try!  I hope your Thanksgiving was equally awesome in its own special way and if it wasn’t, maybe you can come down with me next year.  That is, if you think you can handle it.

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