Brides, Babies and Blasted Boots

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Everyone sure is growing up (and don’t worry, there are no major life announcements pertaining to me in this blog post.  Other than a little blurb about shoes).  In the last few weeks, I’ve been told news of a family member having another baby, attended one baby shower and received an invite for another, attended one bachelorette party and received an invite for another and received three bridal shower invites.  Right now, I have weddings to go to in three of the four weekends in June – and I’m a bridesmaid in two of those.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it but I know it’s like a trillion times worse for those who are actually getting married and having babies so I’m trying to keep it all in perspective.  Still – damn.

How scary is this?

I guess I got lucky in that I’ve not really had years like this before.  I know my sister has been in more weddings than I want to try to count so I’ve managed to escape all that so far.  It just seems like when it rains it pours, but such is life.  The two weddings I’m in this June are being thrown by my two oldest and dearest friends from high school, who are also standing up in each others weddings (like I said, it’s way worse for them).  This means that both weddings are in my hometown so while it’s not a cross country flight or anything, there is some travel involved.  However, the second bachelorette party is actually being held here in Chicago so that’s pretty convenient.  I know the bride-to-be wanted to hit the beach one day as they’re coming up over Memorial Day weekend and that’s when the beaches open so hopefully the weather warms up a bit between now and then.  Yeah, right.  At least it’s sunny?

As for babies, one of my closest friends up here is due in the next few weeks with her first.  It’s kind of crazy to watch her transition into being a mom and it’s the first time a close friend of mine has gone through all this.  She’s been telling me some things I could’ve done without knowing but I guess if I ever want to embark on that path myself it’s better to know what I could be getting myself into.  Of course, I’m still not convinced that growing a small person and then popping them out of my most sensitive body part is a good idea, so there’s that.  But I will say this – those newborn onesies are just too damn cute!

Now, onto the big, life altering even that has been consuming my time – the everlasting search for a new pair of stupid boots.  When I went back home last weekend for one bachelorette party, I devoted a good deal of time to scouring the mall, shoe stores and even the outlet malls in search of that perfect pair of boots.  Still haven’t found them.  I even did the thing again where I bought a pair and walked around for a bit before deciding I didn’t like those, either.  I’ve taken all this as a sign that I should just hang on to the ones I have and to hell with the rest.  I’ve also decided that if I’m having this hard of a time purchasing a  pair of boots, it’s a really good thing I’m not planning a wedding!

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These Boots Are (Not) Made For Walking

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I hate shopping.  This is evidenced by the fact that there are plenty of pictures from nearly ten years ago where I’m wearing clothing that I still wear often today.  When I find something I like I stick with it and generally, there’s not a problem with that.  Unfortunately, sometimes things fall apart and that forces me out into the world of shopping and MAN, do I hate shopping.

I’m mentioning all of this because my favorite pair of comfy, all-weather and all-terrain, best walking boots have fallen apart. I purchased them a few years ago from *ahem* Payless and so I should’ve known they wouldn’t last forever but I’d rather hoped they would.  In fact, I’d hoped so so much that I took them to the shoe repair guy in my neighborhood recently to have the soles glued back to together because they were beginning to leak.  He kinda sorta mentioned that they were peeling (they weren’t leather) and that there wasn’t much he could do to revive them other than glue them a bit but, in my desperation, I told him that was fine.  I was able to get a few more good days of wear out of them after that but now I must admit, he was right.

I need new boots.

I need new boots.

And I tried to buy new boots, I really did.  I went shoe shopping last weekend and found a perfect pair – ON SALE – and not my size.  Then I found a semi-perfect pair, bought them and decided two hours later I wasn’t satisfied so I went back to the store, returned them and had them order what I thought was my size and send them to a different downtown store.  So I went there the next day on my lunch hour, tried them on and THEY didn’t fit either.  So much for my size.  I found yet another pair that were pretty solid (and not on sale, mind you) and while they seemed to fit, they were about a size smaller than what I usually wear.  But I bought them anyway, walked back to work and decided shortly after that they needed to go back too.  I just wasn’t going to spend that kind of good money on something I wasn’t entirely sold on.  And back they went, right after work.

Now I’m back to the drawing board.  I may perhaps look again this weekend, or I may scrub the ones I have down and then fill in the peeling parts with a brown marker.  Because I really do hate shopping.

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What in the What

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Roadkill?  Nope, footwear.

Roadkill? Nope, footwear.

My wonderful momma bought me some new winter boots while I was visiting for Christmas, which was much appreciated because my old ones leaked.  Not ideal for the snowy season in Chicago.  We found the new boots at an outlet mall on our way to drop me off at the Megabus to head home and since my bags were already oh so packed, we opted to have them shipped on up to my apartment.  They actually made it up here on New Year’s Eve Day, which was perfect because that’s when all the snow started.  And my new boots are amazing – not a drop of water gets in them and they’re so sturdy I can leap giant snow piles in a single bound!

While looking for the perfect fit, I came across some rather atrocious prospects.  In fact, one set some dude tried to sell me were electric – they plugged in to charge and would keep your feet warm as you walked around.  Call me crazy but mixing electricity with water/snow/ice just doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Another pair that cause me to shake my head were these things in the above picture.  At first I thought someone had left a stuffed animal or ugly scarf in the shoe section.  Nope, these were for real.  And really awful.  Or at least, in my opinion.  I won’t pretend to be the most fashionable person out there so maybe they’re actually in style and I’m just woefully behind on the times?

God I hope not.


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Snow Show

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I’d almost forgotten where I live with this weather we’ve been having lately.  50 degrees and sunshine in January?  Pssht, unheard of around these parts.  However, as anyone with access to the internet, a television, a newspaper or a radio will tell you, SNOW IS COMING AND YOU BETTER BE PREPARED FOR IT BECAUSE APPARENTLY EVERYONE IN THIS CITY HAS FORGOTTEN HOW TO ACT WHEN WHITE STUFF FALLS FROM THE SKY.

This is how I feel today

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a little over all the hype surrounding this, the first “Winter Storm” of winter.  Not that I’m not ready for it – at this point in every other year of my Chicago existence, I was so sick of the sight of snow that I would’ve paid someone good money to place large heaters along my route home so I didn’t even have to look at it.  Now, though, I’m anxious for a little bit of a winter wonderland.  The sparse dustings we’ve had so far have really done nothing other than tease and while I know the newness will quickly wear off, I’m good with a nice old fashioned heavy snowfall.  I just wish the city wasn’t freaking out like it’s the first time it’s ever happened.  If you have warm clothing and a good set of boots there’s really nothing else you need (in case you drive…then you’ll need good tires, plenty of gas and a chair or piece of plywood you can carry around to help save your parking spots).  It’s something we deal with every winter and just because we’ve made it this long without it didn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen.  And while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the downright balmy temperatures we’ve been experiencing, if it means there will be snow in June I shall be pissed.

Regardless, it looks pretty outside right now and I’ll enjoy the novelty of the first real snowfall of the year while I can because, if I know Chicago,  it won’t be a novelty for long.

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Fashionably Frigid Feet

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Fashion choices for the men out there are pretty lacking, as some of my gay dude friends have lamented.  We ladies are able to choose from a daily assortment of skirts, shorts, pants, scarves, sweaters, blouses, tops and various other accessories.  Men, while able to shop, just don’t seem to have the options available that women take for granted.  This is something I’ve been thinking about lately because I’ve noticed a trend in footwear. Winter footwear, that is.

Women's shoes can be sad too

When the temperatures drop, boots make their way back into the city.  Everywhere I look I see enough various styles on various ladies to constitute a fashion show.  Heels, flats, knee-high, ankle-short, mid-calf, fuzzy, shiny, leathery, heavy duty (but still cute) for the heavy duty snow…you name it, women wear it.  I even have a few pair myself.  And since they seem to be everywhere my gaze happens to land, I’ve taken notice.  Which led me to take notice of men’s feet and their shoes as well.  Whether I’m walking on the sidewalk, sitting on the train or taking two elevators and an escalator up to my office, I’ve become a somewhat creepy foot-starer (I swear it’s not a developing fetish).  It’s because I’ve realized that men just don’t have the options that women do and it kind of makes me sad.

It seems that when it comes to winter shoes, men pretty much wear sneakers (tennis shoes?).  Or dress shoes, which I find even sadder.  There’s a few mountain-man type boots thrown in there but not as many as one would expect.  I have a drawer of shoes in my desk and can wear whatever I want on the way to the office – boots, tennis shoes, slippers, you name it.  According to my observations, men don’t really do this.  And when there’s a sheet of ice covering everything

If you're a man who wants to wear knee-high boots, you're pretty much stuck with this

as far as the eye can see, it makes me question the safety of these men who wear fancy shoes in the middle of winter.  Since I’ve been thinking about this, I’ve decided that roughly 93% of men I’ve observed have been wearing something I wouldn’t deem seasonally appropriate.  This is based on a very specific scientific measurement that I created deep within the confines of my head and could never satisfactorily explain to anyone, ever.  So of course it’s quite accurate.

There are many reasons why I’m glad I’m a woman and while I’ve never considered myself to be extremely fashion-conscious, I am glad I have so many clothing and footwear options at the tip of my fingers.  I’ll continue to be thankful for it just like I’ll try not to laugh out loud when I see some suit slip on the street while wearing his super slick shoes.

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