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Our Guidebook

Yup, I did it.  I braved crowds, expensive beer and eardrum destruction to attend the Lollapalooza festivities on Saturday.  My best guy friends from Bloomington and I got a bit of a late start but we were in Grant Park by the afternoon.  Since I apparently lack the ability to keep up with new music, I wasn’t too familiar with any of the bands playing prior to Green Day.  After randomly bumping into an old friend of ours on our way into the venue (and quickly downing many energy drinks, as he had just found out he wasn’t allowed to bring them in), we wandered over to a grassy area and set up with our blanket.  We caught Grizzly Bear (eh, they were okay) and then squeezed our way into watch Metric.  Metric is headed by some bad ass blond chick who knew how to work a crowd, that’s for sure.  We rocked out to her for a while and then partook in some of the delicious food gracing the booths in the street.  I had a veggie falafel gyro to start with and got some potato skins with seitan later on (for those of you who don’t know, seitan is wheat gluten.  Might sound nasty to you but if cooked right it’s delicious to us veg-heads).  A giant scoop of cookie dough in a waffle cone was dessert.

Wait, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, there was music at this thing too.

This was one of my first Green Day CD's. My mom confiscated and lost it before I was "grown up" enough to get it back. Well, Mom, I saw them in concert and they dropped the f bomb like it was their job, so taking and losing my CD really worked out, huh?

After Metric, we walked around a bit more and caught the end of Spoon, whom I’m actually familiar with and always enjoy.  Then it was time to make our way over to Green Day, where we tried to meet up with a buddy of mine but lost him to the sea of concert-goers.  No matter, we made ourselves a little spot on the grass and proceeded to dance and jump around with a general merriment and lack of care.  I used to listen to a lot of Green Day back in the day and I was thrilled that they played some of my old favorites.  They put on a helluva show in general and I’m so glad we got to watch.  Billie Joe Armstrong called some kid from the crowd up to sing a song and you could tell it was this guy’s dream come true – and when Billie Joe gave him his guitar at the end of the set, I thought the kid was going to cry.  It was a nice rock ‘n roll moment.

I’m really, really glad I was able to make a day of concerts.  I’m also really, really glad that my paycheck for my writing gig came in the mail Friday so I was able to go to the concerts.  I also more than enjoyed the time spent with my guys and it makes me sad to know that they’ll be gone by the time I get home.  Tear.  I guess I’ll have to get used to running around pants-less in my apartment again while eating cookies for dinner.  Sure is a hard life.

I also managed to meet up with an old friend for brunch on Sunday (we Chicagoans love our brunch).  This gal and I go back to junior high days and some of my best trips abroad have happened in her company.  I’m lucky to have had so much great, quality friend time in such a short span and I’m extremely thankful for it!

In other, completely unrelated news – I’m still getting lots and lots of extra hits to this here blog, all thanks to my celeb crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL, remember?).  Since dozens of people are stumbling across this page every day whilst searching for photos of him, I’ve decided to add a Photo-A-Day category.  These won’t all be contemporary, because if I start looking for recent JGL photos I’ll never leave my desk.  Here’s today’s pic:

JGL Photo of the Day!

Joe As Seen on Roseanne

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