Well, Big Bird’s Not Happy

October 4, 2012 at 11:50 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

So, there was a little debate last night.  If you have any sort of access to television, the internet, newspapers or crazy hobos on the street, I’m sure this did not slip by you unnoticed.  I did watch and I’ll admit to some eye rolling and disgruntled sighs – I’ll also admit that this pertained to both candidates.  And the moderator.  I’ve been doing some thinking and I firmly believe that if we invoke Nickelodeon’s use of getting slimed, we would have much more entertaining political debates.  Just think – every time one of the candidates misstates a fact, hems and haws around the truth or goes over their designated two minutes (incidentally, I don’t think any one of the three men on stage knows how to count), they would get slimed in front of a live national audience.  All in the name of truth!

I can see them now…

Speaking of truth, there’s a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that does a lot of fact checking on the things being said by both presidential candidates.  Here a link to some of the checks they did from the debate last night, in case you were wondering exactly what was and wasn’t correct.  It by no means covers everything but it does encourage us all to do a little digging of our own rather than just blindly believing everything our favorite guy happens to say.  Because after all, knowledge is power!

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