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Scott and I broke down over the weekend and made a purchase we’ve discussed before but never actually gone through with.  It started with talks of getting a new mattress, as mine is more than a few years old and leaves a little to be desired.  However, after pursuing prices and even prices including sales, we decided that an entirely new mattress will need to wait until, say, retirement.  What we did agree on is one of those fancy, 3 inch memory foam mattress pad deals.  And let me tell you, it was the right choice to make.

Worth. It.

We actually went so far as to visit a mattress store and I asked the guy there if they sold mattress pads.  He said they didn’t anymore and then let us know that they’re only good for about a month before they start to lose their shape and that anyone who wants a quality night’s sleep would choose one of his $3,000 mattresses instead.  Oh, and if we bought it in the next 15 minutes we could get an early bird discount and save $100.  Well that didn’t work on us and so we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with one of those handy 20% coupons that never expires instead.  We found a great mattress pad (and it had a 15 year warranty, so take that Mr. Salesman) and went home happy.  It’s my guess that the reason the mattress store quit selling these pads is because they were putting them out of business but Scott wouldn’t let me go back to the store to share my opinion with the guy who worked there.  Instead, we went home and opened the vacuumed sealed bag, then watched in amazement as the whole thing inflated and turned our bed into a magical new sleeping spot.

I slept more soundly than I have in…well, a long time, and I almost called into work today to continue to test the whole thing out.  I guess we’ll see if we’re still happy in six months, a year or 5 years but as of right now, we’re both thrilled.  So if you’re looking for a cheaper solution to a bed of problems, consider giving this a whirl.  So far, my back and my wallet are both thanking me!



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