Just Another Manic Wednesday

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This is one of those posts where I’m going to whine and feel sorry for myself.  Here goes:

Yesterday morning I woke up with the cursed stiff neck that I’ve now experienced two other times in my life.  It makes it difficult to really even move so of course my evening gym plans were out.  I spent the night on the couch, alternating a heating pad and ice pack, while eating soup and generally feeling miserable.  I’m dealing with the same thing today and staring at two computer screens for hours on end isn’t exactly helping.  I hurt.  And I’m on my period, which is super awesome.  In fact, I’m guessing the anti-malaria pills I’m still on have done what the doctor warned and thoroughly messed with the monthly reminder that I’m (thankfully) not knocked up because everything’s all out of whack and this is the longest, worst week I’ve had in years.  Oh, was that too much information?  Are you slightly uncomfortable, especially if you’re a male?  Well it’s a hard world out there so toughen up.

Wednesday Addams gets me

I also forgot my wallet at home today, which is something I’ve never done.  I took it out last night to walk to CVS to buy IcyHot and tomato soup and apparently forgot to put it back in my bag.  I didn’t realize this until I was in the train station this morning and at that point, if I turned around to go home I was just going to curl up in bed and start the day over again, which my boss wouldn’t have appreciated.  So I begged the CTA guy who sees me every morning to let me on without my card with the promise that I’ll show it to him next time, so that was one hurdle overcome.  Unfortunately, once I was on the train I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get into our office without my badge.  Since The Tower Formerly Known as Sears isn’t exactly lax on security, they wouldn’t just wave me in as did the CTA guy.  My options were to either call our front desk to have them send someone down to get me or to stand around and wait for someone from my office to walk by so they could vouch for me and get me upstairs.  Alas, it was too early for anyone to be answering our phones so I stood around like a weirdo for almost 15 minutes before seeing a familiar face and begging for assistance.  Eventually I made it, only to realize that there was no way the afternoon CTA attendant would let me on for free so I had to beg some more and borrow a few dollars from a coworker so I can get my sorry ass home tonight.

As a cherry on my shit cake, I have a seriously ill family member whom I’m more than a little worried about.  Hopefully he’ll be out of the hospital and back to his routine before we know it but the whole thing just reminds me once again how much it sucks to live far away from so many I love.  And while I know I used this post to bitch and moan about my own troubles, if you can do one thing for me it would be to send some good vibes in the direction of my uncle.  I know he needs them more than I do.

And since I won’t be going to the gym again tonight, I’ll just count down the hours until I can be reunited with my ice pack, my couch, and hopefully good updates about one of my favorite family members.  Thankfully tomorrow is Thursday!

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My Very Bad Day

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I woke up late.  I slipped getting into my coworkers truck and hit the huge bruise on my leg that I so stupidly earned last week.  I hit it hard.  My train was running 25 minutes behind, leaving me out in the cold and late for work.  Upon arrival at the office, there was a trash can full of nastiness for me to deal with which required prompt Comet action.  One staff member couldn’t get her car out of her driveway and waited until the minute she was supposed to be in the office to tell us she couldn’t make it.  Another staff member did not wake up until I called him to ask him where the hell he was.  This caused the staff members who were here to become frantic and wait for me to fix things.  Our fax machine stopped working, in perfect timing with my dire need to fax important paperwork to our corporate office.  I started my period.  Our copier ran out of toner and our printer decided it would begin to use static as a reason to stop printing properly.

This all happened before 8am.

My job is driving me absolutely crazy today and I can’t even look forward to a quiet night on my couch because I’ve had house guests in for the last 9 days.  I love my friends to death but it’s not easy to have ANYONE stay with you for that long, even your BFF’s.  I’ve also been having issues with a different friend of mine and so my mental energy has been chaotic and out of whack this week as well.  I feel like I’m constantly messing things up and doing it without even trying.  I also just smashed my finger in my desk drawer.

Okay thanks for reading my long rant.  I feel slightly better and I really am trying to stay positive.  It’s the weekend and things can only get better from here, right?

This is a picture of a sloth.  I think they’re cute as hell and so posting it makes me feel better.  Also, if I have my way, this is the creature I will be emulating all weekend long.

Here’s hoping your Friday is going smoother than mine!

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