It’s Raining Babies!

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And thankfully none of them are mine!

I feel like I make these posts every so often, where I talk about how every single person I know is pregnant. This is another one of those posts because once again I’m surrounded by pregnant people! Or pregnant women, more specifically.


I haven’t planted any babies so that means I won’t get pregnant, right?

One of my closest coworker friends is pregnant with her third child right now, as are three of our other coworkers and one of my bosses. Two of these five pregnant co-workers sit directly next to me and all are due around the same time so I’m hearing lots and lots about this whole pregnancy thing . Also, over the weekend Scott’s little sister announced that she’s pregnant with her first child! This means we’ll have another little niece or nephew to spoil, since my brother-in-law and his wife have a two-year-old son too. On top of that, one of my closest friends in Chicago is trying for her second kid and one of my closest friends from high school is also trying to get knocked up – while our other high school BFF just had her first kid around Christmas. SO MANY BABIES!

You may think this is giving me baby fever but, even though we’re moving into a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor as compared to our one-bedroom pad on the third floor, I am in no way trying to get pregnant too. After all, I have enough kids around me to keep up without popping out one of my own!


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Fine Swine Dining

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I got to spend Monday evening playing grown up, as my aunt from Texas and two of her coworkers were in town for business and they wanted to take me out.  We met for drinks at their hotel bar and then wandered down Michigan Avenue in search of a place to continue drinking and maybe eat some food.  We first tried a Thai place but upon learning they had no bar, they decided to split.  One of her coworkers (actually I think he was her boss) suggested a place that he had heard of, The Purple Pig.

Oink Oink

It was…okay.  I knew I wouldn’t be rolling in veggie-friendly options and that was fine though I will say the feta and cucumber spread and stuffed peppers I had were delicious.  Too bad it took forever and a day to get it.  We arrived and while the place was busy for a Monday evening, it wasn’t jam-packed.  Our server (who looked a few years shy of 15) was running around like a chicken with her head cut off and promised us a table in just a few minutes.  Almost half an hour later, we were seated at a large table with another group.  That was entertaining in itself, especially when the slightly intoxicated, very flamboyant man next to me started showing us a website devoted to cats that look like Hitler.  Sometimes I really have to question the value of the smart phone.

So we were seated and then it seemed as though our server was wearing an invisibility cloak, as we didn’t see her much after that.  The courses at this place are all small plates (and while I have my own thoughts on serving dinky portion sizes but charging twice the price, I’ll skip those today) so we were finishing our dishes pretty quick.  The drinks came out more often than the food which helped us forget about our hunger and two and a half hours later, the meal was complete.

I don’t know if I’ll be going back to the Purple Pig anytime soon but I’m glad I gave it a shot.  It was great seeing my aunt outside of Ventress, Louisiana and I think she fell in love with Chicago enough to want to bring my cousins back for a trip.  She said it was like a cleaner and prettier New York, which I’ve personally felt for years.  It was nice to have her agree with me and even nicer for her bosses to pay for my drinks and meals.  Now if I could just find a job that would jet me all over the world while paying for me to drink at night, I’d be set!

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