Just Call Me Grace

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It’s no secret that I’m not the most graceful of people. In fact, when I was a little girl my mom refused to let me take ballet lessons because she said I was way too clumsy and I’d never be any good. The truth hurts.

About right.

For the most part I’m able to regulate my clumsiness to walking into doorways and tripping over my own two feet but this weekend proved to be the exception. I was cleaning off our coffee table in the living room Saturday night and I accidentally knocked over a candle that had still-fresh wax floating around inside. I tried to grab the candle and succeeded in only knocking the wax all over our living room. It spilled all over my hand, the floor (thankfully its hardwood), the curtains and our new couch. Scott was just sitting there trying not to laugh as I freaked out about what to do. I was afraid anything I did would make it worse so I just stood and watched the bright purple wax harden over all of my life. My hand and the floor have since had the wax scrapped off but the curtains are ruined – these are curtains that a college friend helped me sew when I moved into my first apartment on my own and I’ll be sad to see them go. As for the couch…well, there’s now a strategically placed blanket where one didn’t used to be. That said, if you have tips on how to get stained wax out of microfiber I’m all ears.

You would think that the above fiasco would be enough for me for the weekend, but no. As I was making dinner last night and moving around the contents of my fridge, I completely dropped a brand new glass jar of banana peppers onto the kitchen floor. Glass shards went everywhere (as did banana pepper juice) and Scott walked in the backdoor as I was frantically trying to erase the evidence. He got another good laugh out of my misfortune and said he was just glass I had made the mess and not him.

Of course I did. He probably would’ve been allowed to take ballet classes, too.

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I’ve been able to talk to my dad and he’s feeling better – we’re all still waiting on test results but since there’s not much that can be done until we know what we’re dealing with, I’m trying not to stress.  And since the daily grind doesn’t grind to a stop just because a loved one is sick, I’m still going about my normal routine.  Which of course means waking up early and catching the train to work.


So there I sat, enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet before starting another work day.  I had my eyes closed and was in that nice spot somewhere between dozing and being fully alert.  I was also enjoying some random thoughts and one of them had to do with public transportation (shocker).  I can’t quite remember if I blogged about how the train jammed a few weeks ago and caused a nightmare of a commute for thousands of Chicagoans but if I didn’t, I meant to.  No one was hurt and I managed to miss the headache by about an hour but it was strange because that same morning, as I was on that train line, I had wondered to myself how many times I had to ride it before being involved in an incident.  Statistically speaking, of course, not because I’m into that sort of thing.  It was a little weird when I heard the news later that day but I was just thankful I wasn’t involved.

Back to today.  One of my random thoughts pertained to coffee drinkers on the trains, as there are usually more than a few.  I’ve never seen anyone spill anything on anyone else and considering how jerky the rides can be, that’s somewhat surprising.  Roughly 3 minutes after that thought morphed into another, I felt something warm on my leg.  After quickly determining I hadn’t just wet my pants, I opened my eyes and saw some dude in a suit staring at me with real fear in his eyes as he apologized.  My reaction time was delayed as I was still in that semi-conscious state but I do believe I looked at the stain spreading on my knee in utter disbelief.  Before I could say anything to him, he ran off the train.

Luckily for me (and him), we’d been on the train about 20 minutes and the coffee wasn’t really all that hot.  Still – some stranger spilled coffee on me!  Not a great way to start the day.  It didn’t end up staining my pants but it did forever tarnish my perception of humanity in general.  Alright, maybe my reaction wasn’t exactly that strong but I cannot say I was pleased.  I’m also now scared of thinking random things on the train because they seem to come true.  Tomorrow I shall test this theory and wonder how often people find hundred dollar bills on the floor of train cars, but somehow I don’t think that will produce the outcome I want.  Although finding some money would allow me to buy a handy poncho for my daily commute.

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Outrageous News Story

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This is sad, tragic, horrible and unnecessary all rolled into one.  Sorry it’s not a happy one to help lead you into the weekend but sometimes reality bites.

A woman in Colorado has been arrested because her infant son drowned in their bathtub while she was playing on Facebook.

It almost made me sick just to type that.

What in the hell?  Apparently, this 34-year old woman had gotten into the habit of leaving her son alone while he was bathing “because he really wanted to be left alone; he was a very independent baby. ..she knew what it was like to be told no, she didn’t want her baby to be told no and didn’t want him to be known as a mama’s boy.”  Uh, once again, what the hell?  I’m no child expert and I know how trite it is for childless people to give parenting advice, but even I think this is a bad idea.  I know this is an awful, unfortunate accident but I think it really speaks for how addicting online life can be.  I know I check my Facebook page more times in any given day than I’d care to admit and I know many stay-at-home moms use it as a way to feel less isolated throughout their own days.  I get it.  I just think a little responsibility and control goes a long way.

This also makes me hate Facebook even more (yes, we’re involved in a twisted love/hate relationship).  Obviously it doesn’t bother me enough to delete my entire account though – oh no, those bastards over there have made it much too easy to stay in contact with just about everyone on earth with just the click of a button.  Perhaps I should try to wean myself off?  Deactivate it for a week and see how it goes?  We’ll see.  Meanwhile, it’s going to be hard to log in and not think about the little 13-month old boy who lost his life because his mom was hanging out in a cyber-cafe.

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