To Move!

March 6, 2017 at 3:20 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Well, Saturday sure was productive. I worked at the Field Museum all night (literally) Friday then volunteered until about noon on Saturday. Then Scott and I had appointments to see some apartments but lo and behold, we signed the lease on the first one we looked at. So that’s done!

We’re moving from the third floor of our current building to the first floor of the building next door (same complex and everything). So basically we’re walking our stuff down the stairs and up one flight over. Actually, we’ll likely going to pay someone to do that for us because moving large furniture sucks and our friends are too old to do that shit for pizza and beer anymore. But we should get a price discount since there’s no actual truck loading or unloading going on, so that’s nice! And my commute will stay the same, which is also super nice and SUPER convenient!   88705

Our new place is like our current place 2.0. The bathroom is bigger and there are two (count ’em TWO) bedrooms – each with its own walk-in closet! THAT MEANS I GET TO HAVE MY OWN CLOSET AGAIN!!! The master bedroom is also so big that the current tenants have a queen sized bed and a futon along one wall, a desk along another and a ton of space for dance parties to spare. We’ll also have a small pantry off the kitchen and a back porch big enough for two chairs. We get to keep a dishwasher and central AC too! And we’ll just have to walk down the back stairs out back to get to our laundry, instead of the creepy trek through our long alley that we used to have. Basically, everything about this new place is an upgrade! Except the fact that it’s on the first floor, that is. As much as we bitched and moaned about walking up three flights all the time, living on top has its perks and we’re hoping our new upstairs neighbors don’t drive us bonkers with dance parties of their own. But all in all, we feel really good about this and are pretty pumped. In fact,we may or may not have already drawn out the floor plan and come up with similar ideas on how to arrange things. That also may or may not have been how we spent our Saturday night. Because we know how to rock and roll. And soon we’ll be rock and rolling into a new place!

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