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For the past six years or so, I’ve been a freelance contributor to a magazine in Indiana. It’s similar to the Chicago Red Eye in that it’s a free publication and it was mostly available in bars around the South Bend area. The demographic was basically college kids and anyone else around drinking age and I tried to gear my writings towards those crowds. I wrote everything from opinion and How-To articles to Onion-esque news stories to beer & liquor reviews to commentaries on fashion, popular culture and men and dating. I even had a video blog going at one point and filmed and edited my own short videos (which thankfully didn’t last long because it was a giant pain in the ass). I wrote about everything from vajazzled lady bits to celebrity babies to  how to purposefully ruin a first date and I enjoyed (most) of everything I wrote. I will admit that over the last year or so I was feeling like I was just phoning it in with my content but the only negative feedback I ever received was the summer my editor told me I couldn’t talk so much shit about people who didn’t believe in gay marriage (I knew he was going to push back but I had to try…he just didn’t want to deal with farmers with pitchforks outside his office and I can’t say I blame him). Also, I’m a little older now than when I first started these pieces and the whole college scene seems pretty far behind me. I may or may not have had to google things about what the kids are doing these days too but I made it work.


Ah, memories. I wrote like half of the above.

Unfortunately, the magazine couldn’t make it work any longer. The publication came out monthly and was even online for a while, though it’s been a very long time since the website was updated. And now, the last issue was technically published in July 2016. It’s no shock that journalism is a dying art and the magazine subsisted off of ad sponsorship and revenue during its run but revenue is down and the ads have dried up. C’est la vie. It’s not like I was making thousands of dollars a month off of this but it was a nice bit of supplemental income and I’ve especially appreciated it this year as I’ve been saving for The Wedding. So I will miss that and also miss flexing my writing muscles a bit but I’m looking at this as another opportunity. Now I can try to find something to write about that’s a little more relevant to my daily life!

Or maybe I’ll just blog more. Or take the time to enter some story contests or something like that. Ideally I’ll find another paid gig, even if it just pays in peanuts, because hey I like peanuts! I also accept forms of payment by way of chocolate, wine and cheese. So if you’re in the market for some funny news articles or a piece about how to deal with the roommate from hell, just hit me up. And bring snacks.


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