Third Time’s a Charm!

May 3, 2016 at 2:25 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

So my Girls Weekend was phenomenal and fantastic and everything we hoped it would be!

Something else phenomenal and fantastic? MY COUSIN GOT A KIDNEY TODAY!!!


Go go gadget kidney!!

My cousin Lindsay is just a couple of years older than me and she’s been dealing with various health issues for over a decade. She’s also had two previous transplants – one kidney came from my dad (her uncle) and one came from my uncle (her other uncle). Unfortunately, her body rejected both kidneys due to various reasons, medical incompetence and surgeon error being the biggest. This means she’s been undergoing kidney dialysis six days a week for years. She has a home dialysis set-up so she’s more comfortable but she’s still been sticking needles in a port in her arm and having to stay in a chair while her body recycles its fluids – for three or four hours, every single day. She brings everything with her when she travels to my grandparent’s house at Thanksgiving and has been able to do some traveling herself, but only after researching and coordinating with local hospitals so she can continue with her treatment. Needless to say, it’s been a huge pain in the ass for her and she deserves to live a normal, healthy life. And now she has her chance!

So far, this third kidney seems to be working far better than any other ever did. She’s going to be heavily monitored for a while and will likely be in the hospital for a good chunk of time but we’re all hoping it’s worth it and she never has to deal with any of this again. Lindsay is a strong woman, an amazing mother, a hilarious friend and just plain awesome all around. And this kidney better continue to be awesome for her because she absolutely deserves it!

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