Days Off?

March 31, 2016 at 2:11 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Sometimes I feel like I screw myself over when I take a couple of days off because I come back to work and have SO MUCH to do! I suppose that’s the price I pay for some rest and relaxation. I went down to Indiana over the weekend and while I didn’t exactly spend much time relaxing or resting but I did get to see lots of wonderful people and that’s what matters the most. I came back to Chicago Monday night and took off Tuesday as well so I could have a day to do ACTUAL resting and so I thought I had my life all planned out.



HA! Until I had to schedule that damned crown for my tooth! Which meant I was in the dentist’s office at 8am on my lovely day off and then got to spend two hours having a back molar drilled on by Satan and her apprentice. They gave me an extra strong ibuprofen and a VICODIN, not to mention three shots of Novocaine and I was still miserable. I even had on noise cancelling headphones tuned to my favorite podcast but that didn’t really help. I had to stop them a couple of times to avoid crying but in the end we got through it – until I go back in a couple of weeks to get the actual stupid crown put on instead of this replacement. So then I went home and slept for like four hours – not a super fun day off. But at least the hardest part is over! Until I get the bill, that is.

I think I need a vacation from my vacation.

One other thought – now that I have a crown, can I be considered a queen? You bet your ass I can.


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