Fighting Hunger!

January 29, 2016 at 2:56 pm (Uncategorized)

So I’m on a new committee at my office and we’re trying to get our department to do service work in the community once a quarter. Our first event is taking place this weekend and 100 people are signed up to go volunteer at Chicago’s Food Depository at 9am on a Saturday morning. Talk about commitment! We’ll be doing a variety of tasks over the course of about three hours and I’m really excited to see this endeavor take off. In an effort to raise enthusiasm and awareness about our service day, we’ve had a food drive competition going on three different floors for about two weeks. One person in particular took it upon herself to collect cash money from most of our bosses and she went to Aldi’s with her husband to spend what she gathered – then she brought in TONS of food! Between her collection and the others we received, I’d say we have over 1,000lbs of food. We’ll have a final weight total after it’s all been delivered next week but trust me – it’s a LOT. Most of which yours truly boxed herself, so my biceps and I are having a love/hate relationship¬†this week.

My friends, the boxes.

It’s been amazing and I’m so excited to have such a successful first outing. I’ve never worked for a company that gives back to the community the way my current employer does and it makes me really proud to be involved with such generous people. We won’t be doing the same thing every quarter but this is a great starting point and especially near and dear to me, since I’ve been working with a local food pantry for years and we receive all of our donations from the Food Depository to begin with. In fact, this place was my idea because I personally know some of the people and places that will benefit from our donations in the long run. So it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Except my biceps.


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